There are a lot of amazing restaurants in Acton that offer delicious burgers so choosing where to go can be a challenge – especially when you are hungry and you just want a burger immediately.

This is why our team has decided to list their favourite burger places in the area so you know exactly where to go!

Top 4 Burger Places In Acton According To Our Team

Amigos Burgers & Shakes

One of our favourite burger places, in general, is Amigos Burgers & Shakes – and we have previously talked about them because they have locations all over London. They are very popular and people can’t get enough of their burgers.

And even though burgers are the star of the show, this place also offers delicious hot dogs, wings, fries, and wraps you are going to love.

When it comes to their burgers, you probably know that every burger on their menu can be made with either chicken or a beef patty depending on your preferences – and we appreciate that because it means there is something for everyone.

Address: 253 High St, London W3 9BY


O Burger

O Burger is a special place because they both have a selection of meat burgers as well as a separate menu for vegan burgers so if you don’t eat meat – you will still be able to find something delicious to try.

All burgers are served with fries and a drink.

We really love their Bacon Avocado Burger (beef patty, gherkins, lettuce, red onion, tomato, house sauce, bacon, cheddar cheese, avocado, and their special sauce), the Spicy Chicken Burger (spicy marinated chicken breast, lettuce, tomato, red onion, special sauce), the Kiwi Burger (beef patty, cheddar cheese, fried egg, beetroot, pineapple, lettuce, tomato, red onion, special sauce), and the Chilli Burger (beef patty, jalapenos, cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato, red onion, special sauce).

If you don’t eat meat then we recommend their “Fish” Burger (plant-based patty, lettuce, tomato, gherkins, red onions, vegan sauce) and the Vegan “Chicken” Burger (plant-based patty made with soya and wheat protein, lettuce, tomato, gherkins, red onions, vegan sauce).

Address: 115 The Vale, London W3 7RQ


Burger Boy LDN

If you are craving a delicious burger then you can never go wrong with Burger Boy LDN and their incredible menu. This place is casual with a cosy interior, perfect for a quick lunch or dinner after work.

They have incredible starters such as Nachos, Jalapeño Cheese Bites, and Mozzarella Sticks.

Our favourite beef burgers they offer include The Mighty Burger (2 beef patties, Lettuce, Tomatoes, Onions, Pickles, Cheese, Burger Boy Sauce), Hot Mama Burger (beef patty, Onions, Jalapeños, Applewood Cheese, special hot sauce), and the Smokey New Yorker Burger (beef patty, Turkey Rashers, Lettuce, Tomatoes, Fried Onions, Ketchup, Mustard).

If you prefer chicken burgers, go for the Strip Me Burger or the Smokey Chicken Grilled Burger.

Of course, they also have veggie burgers such as one with halloumi, lettuce, tomatoes, red onions, and rocket and one with a veggie patty.

Aside from burgers, they also offer salads, tasty hot dogs, and chicken wings.

Address: 367 Uxbridge Rd, London W3 9RH


Dada’s Diner

Another incredible place that we highly recommend you visit is Dada’s Diner – a super casual restaurant with friendly staff and an incredible menu.

You can never go wrong with their burgers – the Mac Attack (beef patty, Mac ‘N’ Cheese, red onions, sriracha mayo), the Butter Beef (beef patty stuffed with herb butter, red onions, cheese, turkey bacon), the Buffalo Chicken Burger (with cheddar cheese, avocado, wing sauce, pickles, mayo), and the Cuban Mojo Chicken Burger (marinated Cuban chicken, pickles, salami, red onions, cheddar cheese).

If you prefer vegan burgers, they have plenty of options such as the Dada’s Quinoa Burger (with quinoa and a sweet potato patty, avocado, vegan garlic mayo).

Address: 167 The Vale, London W3 7RD