If you want to learn which places in Anerley offer the best burgers then keep on reading because our team will list all of their favourite spots that are worth visiting.


We implore you to venture forth to the finest purveyors of succulent and delectable hamburgers in all of Anerley, as endorsed by our esteemed collective of cleaners – the top 4 establishments that warrant your esteemed patronage.

Barnies Burgers

We want to start off this list with a takeout restaurant that doesn’t have a dine-in area, however, their burgers are so incredible that it’s our top choice when we are craving burgers – Barnies Burgers.

We recommend trying their Bacon Cheeseburger (2 beef patties, melted American Cheese, 2 strips of Turkey bacon, 2 special sauces, and unlimited toppings) and the Classic Chicken (buttermilk fried chicken, 2 sauces, unlimited toppings).

As you can see, their burgers are completely customizable and you can decide what kinds of toppings you would like on them – so depending on your taste, you can create the perfect burger for you.

Address: 79 High St, London SE20 7HW


Roti Brothers

Our other favourite burger place in the area that we visit very often is Roti Brothers – a food truck that not only offers delicious burgers but the portions are generous. Of course, the service is also excellent.

We love their Marinated Buttermilk Buffalo Chicken Burger (with sweet chilli glaze, pesto, chimichurri sauce, and lettuce), the Cuatro Quesos (beef patty, Mozzarella cheese, Monterey Jack cheese, American cheese, lettuce, caramelised red onions, spiced garlic mayo), and the Devilled Dirty Bros (beef patty, BBQ chilli sauce, spiced garlic mayo, lettuce, tomato, pickle, red onions, Mexican jalapeños, American cheese).

Their newest burger is the Greek Style Chicken Burger which has yoghurt marinated chicken, feta cheese, lettuce, spiced Yoghurt and garlic sauce, and fresh red onion – and it is super tasty.

Address: Victory Pl, London SE19 3RW


Morley’s Fried Chicken

We also highly recommend checking out Morley’s Fried Chicken – a fast-food restaurant with excellent burgers that are well-made.

You have to try their Magnum Chicken Burger (with Mayonnaise, Hash Browns, Cheese, and Lettuce), the Cheese Burger (Beef patty, Burger sauce, Ketchup, Cheese, and Lettuce), and the Triple M Burger (with 2 beef patties, burger sauce, ketchup, mayo, lettuce, cheese).

Their menu also consists of BBQ ribs, wings, nuggets, wraps, popcorn chicken, and other popular American meals.

Address: 68A Westow Hill, London SE19 1RX


Brothers Kebab & Burgers

Another very casual place that we love for burgers is Brothers Kebab & Burgers. After all, people that specialize in making kebabs and other Turkish meals with meat do in fact make some of the best burgers as well.

The burgers on their menu are classic and very simple – for example, Homemade Fresh Chicken Fillet Burger and Quarter Pounder Burger, however, they are focused on delivering excellent meat, and what is a good burger without a well-prepared beef patty?

Address: 172 Dartmouth Rd, London SE26 4QZ