If you are craving a delicious burger then keep on reading because our team will share their favourite burger restaurants in Charlton that they love visiting.


We present to thee the finest quartet of establishments in all of Charlton to indulge thyself in the succulent savories of the esteemed burger. These venues have been hand-selected by our team of experts, who have laboured tirelessly to uncover the paramount purveyors of this gastronomical delight.

Rox Burger

One excellent burger restaurant in Charlton that we recommend you visit is Rox Burger. It’s casual and relaxed – with an impressive menu, friendly staff, and great food that is made with fresh ingredients.

We love their Cheeseburger (beef patty, cheese, mayo, homemade fries), the Smokey (beef patty or chicken, cheese, bacon, lettuce, pickled, cucumber, BBQ mustard, mayo, special homemade sauce, fries), the Special Crispy (Angus beef patty or chicken, cheese, bacon, homemade coleslaw, fried onions, jalapeno peppers, homemade sauce), and the Double The Chef (two beef patties, two cheese slices, bacon, onions, jalapeño pepper, BBQ sauce).

Address: 149 Trafalgar Rd, London SE10 9TX


Inbetween Fusion Burgers

Inbetween Fusion Burgers is a hidden gem that we recently discovered and we are very impressed with the food and the menu. Not a lot of people know about this restaurant so if you are hearing it for the first time, definitely visit when you are craving a good gourmet burger.

We love the Not So Classic American Cheeseburger (beef patty, Vietnamese BBQ marinade, caramelized onions, tomato, lettuce, mayo), the Coconut Braised Pork Burger (beef patty, coconut braised pork belly, pickled daikon, carrots, lettuce, mayo), the Korean Fried Chicken Burger (fried chicken, Korean gochujang sauce, homemade cabbage slaw, cheddar cheese), and the 5 Spice Honey Fried Chicken Burger (fried chicken with special honey 5 spice sauce, honey sriracha mayo, rocket).

They also offer excellent veggie burgers such as their Bangkok Bad Boy Burger (veggie patty, lettuce, tomato, sriracha mayo) and the Oyster Mushroom Burger (panko breaded oyster mushrooms, lettuce, tomatoes, truffle aioli).

Address: Unit 13, 125 Powis St, London SE18 6JL


Charlton Kebab House

Next on our list is a casual Turkish kebab shop serving incredible food – Charlton Kebab House. This is the perfect spot to order home delivery from or takeaway so you can enjoy a delicious meal at home. Of course, they also have a dine-in area, however, it’s quite small so keep that in mind.

We really like their 1/2 Pounder (with beef patty, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, onion, red cabbage, burger sauce, garlic sauce), the Grilled Fillet Burger (grilled chicken, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, onion, red cabbage, burger sauce, BBQ sauce), and the Fried Fillet Burger (with fried chicken, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, onion, red cabbage, mayo).

Address: 41 Charlton Church Ln, London SE7 7AE


Gourmet Burger Kitchen

It’s not a secret that our team loves Gourmet Burger Kitchen – and we have previously talked about them. With locations all over the UK, this chain restaurant is very popular and is loved by many. The reason is simple – their burgers are mouth-watering and packed with flavourful ingredients, the staff is friendly, the menu is incredible, and the interior of their restaurants is modern.

For beef burger lovers, we recommend their American Cheese (beef patty, cheese, House mayo, relish, salad), The Taxidriver (beef patty, American cheese, homemade onion ring, Cajun relish, chipotle mayo, dill pickle, salad), the Blue Cheese (beef patty, Onion Jam, Cajun relish, house mayo, salad, blue cheese sauce), and the Mighty (two beef patties, Cheddar, bacon, garlic mayo, relish, pickles).

For chicken burger lovers, we recommend the Korean Fried Chicken (with Kimchi Coleslaw, Korean BBQ sauce, sesame seeds, and coriander), the Peanut Satay Chargrilled (chargrilled chicken, satay sauce, garlic mayo, rocket, onions, pickled onions, relish), and the Panko Hey Pesto (panko fried chicken, bacon, basil pesto, mature Cheddar, mayo, relish, salad).

Address: 45 Greenwich Church St, London SE10 9BL