If you love Chinese food and you are wondering which restaurants in Bexleyheath are worth visiting then this is just the list for you because our team has decided to gather their favourite Chinese places in the area and share them with you today!

Top 4 Chinese Restaurants In Bexleyheath You Must Visit


Twin Palace

Twin Palace is a lovely Chinese restaurant where you will find delicious food, excellent service, and super friendly staff that will make you feel welcomed the second you walk into the venue!

They have an open kitchen which allows customers to see how their food is being prepared and we think that this is always a nice touch to a restaurant because you know that all ingredients are fresh and every meal is prepared after you order it!

On their menu, you will find Chow mein dishes, Vermicelli rice noodles, rice dishes, salt and chilli dishes, sweet and sour dishes, curry, and so much more. The menu is pretty big – they have gathered everyones’ favourite Chinese dishes in there so we are certain you will find your favourite meal!

We highly recommend all of their Chow Mein dishes, the Singapore Fried Rice, the Grilled Meat Dumplings, the Hot and Sour Soup, the Sweet and Sour King Prawn Balls as well as the Ginger and Spring Onions Beef – these are our favourite things on their menu!

Address: Broadway Sandwich Bar, 6-8 Broadway, Bexleyheath DA6 7LE



Chinagaga is another lovely little Chinese restaurant that is very casual. The menu is once again very big and we are certain you will find your favourite dishes in there regardless of your preferences. They also offer takeaway so if you don’t feel like dining in the venue you can always grab some food for home after work!

They have plenty of starters and soups and we highly recommend you start off with them. We love the Satay King Prawns with peanut sauce, the Spicy Popcorn Chicken, the Grilled Dumplings, and the Crab Meat and Sweetcorn Soup!

Next on their menu, they have rice and noodles, chicken, beef, duck, pork, seafood, and even vegetarian dishes. We really enjoy Shredded Chicken Chow Mein, King Prawn Chow Mein, Sweet and Sour Chicken Hong Kong Style, Beef with Green Pepper and Black Bean Sauce, Roast Duck in Plum Sauce, and Shredded Pork with Cashew Nuts in Yellow Bean Sauce! As you can see the menu is diverse and full of traditional dishes!

If you don’t eat meat then we highly recommend the Tofu with Green Pepper and Black Bean Sauce as well as the Sambal Mixed Vegetables (with chilli and garlic)!

Address: China Gaga, 58 Mayplace Rd W, Bexleyheath DA7 4JJ


Ming of the Avenue

The next Chinese restaurant we love visiting and highly recommend you go to whenever you have the time is Ming of the Avenue – a small and casual place with delicious food and friendly staff. It’s nothing fancy or sophisticated which makes it perfect for a quick lunch or dinner with friends after a long day of work!

The menu includes traditional starters, dishes with duck, beef, chicken, seafood, pork, vegetables, rice, noodles, We highly recommend the Steak in Oyster sauce – it’s one of our favourite dishes in Ming of the Avenue!

Address: 54 Avenue Rd, Bexleyheath DA7 4EG




Chan Takeaway

And last on our list is a takeaway restaurant – Chan. Yes, they do not have a dine-in area but don’t let that stop you from ordering because you will be amazed at how delicious and inexpensive everything on the menu is. We highly recommend you go there whenever you don’t feel like sitting in a restaurant and you want to enjoy a tasty meal in the comfort of your own home without actually having to cook!

For some reason, this place isn’t as popular as the other restaurants on our list but it’s such a hidden gem that we want more people to know about!

We really enjoy their starters – especially the Fried King Prawns in Breadcrumbs, Deep Fried Crispy Squids with Sweet & Sour Sauce, Crispy Seaweed with Grated Scallops, and the Chicken and Sweetcorn Soup!

Now, keep in mind that the menu is large – and it’s packed with incredible Chinese dishes so you might need a bit of time to decide what you actually want. All of their dishes are traditional and very delicious so we won’t focus on them.

They also have incredible desserts – Banana Fritters in Syrup as well as Pineapple Fritters!

Address: 91 Barnehurst Rd, Bexleyheath DA7 6HD