We know how much you love Chinese food which is why we had to make a list where we gathered all of our favourite Chinese restaurants in Hounslow. However, keep in mind that most of these places are actually takeout restaurants without a dine-in area.

Unfortunately, there aren’t that many good Chinese restaurants in the area that do have a dine-in area, however, this shouldn’t stop you from enjoying a delicious traditional meal because there are incredible takeout restaurants that are dedicated to bringing the authentic taste of China to Hounslow!

Bombay Wok

First on our list is Bombay Wok – the best Chinese restaurant in Hounslow that does have a dine-in area. The venue is stylish, modern, and the overall atmosphere is welcoming and warm. If you want to go out somewhere and you are craving Chinese food then definitely head to Bombay Wok, you will be pleased with the food and the service!

When it comes to their menu, they have incredible soups and starters – our favourites are the Sweet Corn Soup with Prawns, the Honey Chilli Crispy Vegetables, and the Chicken Lollipops! Their main dishes include traditional duck, chicken, lamb, beef, seafood, noodles, and even delicious vegetable dishes for those that do not eat meat!

We highly recommend the Beef with Dry Red Chilli, the Sweet and sour chicken, the Kung Pao Chicken (with fresh green chillies, garlic and soy sauce), and the Szechuan noodles!

Address: 104, 108 Hanworth Rd, Hounslow TW3 1UF

Yellow Xpress

Next on our list is Yellow Xpress – a takeout restaurant that offers some of the best Duck in Oyster Sauce in the area! We highly recommend you order from this place whenever you are craving delicious Chinese food because they really do have an incredible menu filled with traditional meals as well as pretty affordable prices!

They have a lot of incredible options on their menu. Since we order from Yellow Xpress quite often, we usually start off with their Grilled Pork Dumplings, Crispy Mini Vegetarian Pancake Rolls, and a Crab Meat and Sweetcorn Soup. Then we either move on to the delicious Duck in Oyster Sauce we told you about or we get the Beef in Szechuan Style, King Prawn in Yellow Bean Sauce with Cashew Nuts, or the Crispy Noodles (with Prawn, Chicken, Beef, Vegetables, Gravy).

Address: 90 Staines Rd, Hounslow TW3 3LF

Good Wok Express

Next on our list is another incredible takeout restaurant that unfortunately does not have a dine-in area so you will have to enjoy their food in the comfort of your home. This is another place our team often orders from whenever we are craving Chinese food – and everything on the menu is super tasty! For some reason, this place is as popular as the others on our list and we like to refer to it as a hidden gem.

We know that you are interested in their menu – they offer incredible traditional starters like Crispy Aromatic Duck, Sesame Prawn Toast, and Spring Rolls. If you like Chinese soups then definitely get their Won Ton soup as well as the Prawn Tom Yum Soup (it’s spicy)!

When it comes to their main dishes – they have everything you could want, from chicken and duck dishes to beef, pork, seafood, rice, and noodles. We love their Chicken Curry, the Chicken in black bean sauce, the Sichuan Beef, the Sweet and Sour King Prawns Balls as well as the Shrimp Fried Rice!

If you don’t eat meat then don’t worry because they have plenty of vegetable options like their Tofu in Black Bean Sauce!

Address: 191 Hanworth Rd, Hounslow TW3 3TT

Chung’s Chinese

And the last Chinese place in Hounslow on our list is Chung’s Chinese – another fantastic takeout restaurant we highly recommend.

Their menu is pretty traditional with your favourite starters, soups, chow mein, rice dishes, noodles, sweet and sour dishes, etc. We do highly recommend the Chow Mein especially the King Prawns Chow Mein as well as the Stir-Fried Pork with Cashew Nuts!

Address: 13 New Heston Rd, Heston, Hounslow TW5 0LW