Are you trying to find which Chinese restaurants in Romford are worth visiting? Well, since our team is a huge Chinese cuisine lover, we decided we should gather and share all of our favourite places so you know where to eat from.

One of the places on our list is a takeaway restaurant and it doesn’t have a dine-in area, however, this shouldn’t stop you from ordering and enjoying their delicious food at home!

Top 4 Chinese Restaurants In Romford According To Our Team


Pearl Dragon

First on our list is Pearl Dragon – a lovely little Chinese restaurant with excellent service, friendly staff, a relaxed and casual ambience, and delicious food. The menu is filled with all of your favourite Chinese starters and main dishes – and we are certain you will love this restaurant!

Starters include Sesame Prawn on Toast, delicious dumplings, Shredded Smoked Chicken, Chicken Wings with Chilli, and other Chinese favourites! Of course, they also have incredible soups – we recommend the Won Ton Soup and the Crab Meat and Sweetcorn Soup.

When it comes to main dishes, Pearl Dragon has everything you can want. From Sweet and Sour Chicken, Szechuan Chicken, Chicken in Chilli and Black Bean Sauce, and Pork Chop in Honey Sauce to Beef in Chilli and Black Bean Sauce, Beef in Oyster Sauce, Duck in Plum Sauce, and a huge selection of Prawn Dishes.

Address: 42 Victoria Rd, Romford RM1 2JH


Blue Orchid Romford

Next on our list is Blue Orchid – a popular contemporary Chinese restaurant that we really enjoy visiting. The food is excellent and always prepared with fresh ingredients – and the menu features the most popular and loved Chinese dishes.

They have it all – from starters and soups to main dishes including Prawns, Seafood, Chicken, Beef, Duck, Lamb, and even vegetarian dishes you need to try. They have really mastered their Duck dishes and their Crispy Aromatic Duck is one of the best in Romford!

Address: 70 North St, Romford RM1 1DA


Wah Ping

Wah Ping is a hidden gem in Romford that we recently discovered but has quickly become one of our favourite Chinese restaurants. It’s a small venue with a stylish interior, tasty traditional food, and excellent service. They offer takeaway and home delivery!

Their starters are very unique and interesting. For example, they have Lobster (with spring onion, ginger, and noodles), Scallops in Panko breadcrumbs (with wasabi mayo), Lettuce wrapped duck (with a chilli orange & pickle ginger jam), and Grilled pork dumplings. We love all of these options and we are certain you are going to like them too.

When it comes to their main dishes, we highly recommend the Chicken in chilli black bean sauce, Shredded crispy chilli beef (with chilli sweet sauce), the Prawns with honey, and the Fried noodles with seasonal vegetables!

Address: 51-55 London Rd, Romford RM7 9QA


The Romford Dragon

And last on our list is that takeaway restaurant we briefly mentioned in the beginning – The Romford Dragon. We discovered it a few months ago and we noticed that we have ordered from there quite a lot especially these past two months. We really enjoy their food and how delicious everything is which is why we featured them on our list even though they aren’t a restaurant with a dine-in area!

Their Hot & Sour Soup is one of the best we have tried in Romford which is why we highly recommend you give it a try.

Their menu is quite big and it has all of your favourite Chinese food in there. When it comes to their Chicken dishes, we recommend the Szechuan Chicken, the Chicken with Pineapple, and the Sesame Chicken with Hot Sauce. If you love beef then go for the Stir-Fried Beef With Onions, Beef In Oyster Sauce or Beef Steak with Black Bean Sauce.

We also really enjoy the Sweet & Sour King Prawns Balls, Sweet & Sour Pork, all of their Chow Mein Dishes, and the Homemade Bean Curd.

Address: 19A The Parade, Colchester Rd, Romford RM3 0AQ