If you happen to be a huge fan of Greek food then this article is just for you because our team has decided to gather all of their favourite Greek restaurants in Barnet and share them with you in this list!

We are certain you are going to love these places so the next time you are craving souvlaki you will know exactly where to book a table!

Top 4 Greek Restaurants In Barnet According To Our Team


The Blue Olive

If you are looking for authentic Greek food that is prepared with fresh ingredients then The Blue Olive is the place for you! Not only is the food incredible but the venue is beautiful – with white walls and wooden furniture, it’s a super stylish interior. We highly recommend this place and we are certain you will love it just as much as we do!

The first thing on their menu is all of the traditional Greek starters and dips all of which are served with warm pitta bread – from Taramasalata, Tzatziki (Greek yoghurt with cucumber, garlic, mint), and Greek Potato salad to Pastourma (spicy Greek beef sausage) and Spanakopita (pastry with feta cheese and spinach).

Then they have delicious fish main dishes – Sea Bass with olive oil, Grilled squid with a salad, etc. Of course, they also have traditional wraps, kebabs, Kleftiko (Traditional Greek lamb dish, slow-cooked in the oven), Moussaka, and many more amazing options!

Address: 12 Cockfosters Rd, Barnet EN4 0DL


Souvlike It

The next Greek restaurant on our list is Souvlike It – one of our favourite places! They offer Greek street food in a beautiful venue.

On their menu, you will find Pitta Wraps, grilled meat, salads, sandwiches, and even pastries. We highly recommend their Pitta Wraps – especially the pork gyros and the chicken souvlaki. Of course, they all come with chips, tomato, lettuce, onions, tzatziki or any sauce of your choice. We also really enjoy the grilled pork chops served with a side salad, chips, tzatziki or any sauce of your choice.

If you don’t eat meat then we recommend trying out the Halloumi sandwich – ciabatta bread, grilled halloumi, chips, tomatoes, lettuce, hummus! It’s £5.30 only and it’s delicious!

Address: 40 High St, Chipping Barnet, Barnet EN5 5RU


Deserie Restaurant

Deserie Restaurant is a Mediterranean restaurant which means that they don’t have only Greek cuisine on their menu – they also have Turkish food and a few other options, however, we will focus on the Greek dishes on the menu – all of which are delicious!

They have a selection of hot and cold starters – Tzatziki, a Potato Salad, Seafood Salad, Spanakopita, etc.

You can also create your own platter with their meze called “Mezedakia” which basically mean a few dishes served in small portion. It’s a great way to taste almost everything on the menu without actually having to order the full size. You can choose between Octopus, fried squid, pork kebabs, lamb kebabs, chicken kebabs, lamb cutlets, and king prawns.

Address: 13-14 Cockfosters Parade, Cockfosters Rd, Barnet EN4 0BX


Odos Restaurant

You have probably never heard of Odos Restaurant because for some reason it’s not that popular, however, they offer super tasty Greek food so we had to feature them in our list today! We highly recommend you visit or order takeout whenever you are craving mouth-watering Greek cuisine!

They have a selection of hot and cold starters, delicious main dishes – seafood, fish, meat as well as incredible desserts you need to try!

Aside from all the starters, we highly recommend their Sea Bass Ceviche with chilli and avocado, the pork souvlaki, the grilled octopus, the deep-fried squid with lime and mayo as well as the veal chop!

Address: 238-240 High St, Hadley, Barnet EN5 5TD