Our team loves Mediterranean food – especially Greek cuisine. This is why we decided to gather all of our favourite Greek restaurants in Wood Green with you so you know exactly where to go whenever you are craving delicious souvlaki, tzatziki, and seafood!

We present to thee the most exquisite purveyors of Hellenic cuisine in the land of Wood Green, forsooth, thou must attend their establishments forthwith.


Paneri Taverna

The first restaurant on our list is Paneri Taverna – a traditional “taverna” that serves delicious Greek food you need to try. If you have never heard of or visited Paneri Taverna then definitely book a table as soon as possible because you will be amazed at how fantastic their dishes are!

On their menu, you will find traditional starters and main dishes. We highly recommend their kebabs – especially the Lamb Kebab and the Sheftalia (minced pork with onions, parsley, cinnamon).

We also really enjoy their Kleftiko and roast potatoes (lamb), the Loukanica (pork sausage marinated in red wine, grilled), and the Seafood salad.

If you prefer a Vegetable main dish then definitely get their Veggie Moussaka (potatoes, aubergines, courgettes, tomato sauce, bechamel sauce) or the Haloumi and Pitta Swap with salad!

Address: 340 High Rd, London N22 8JW



If you are looking for a casual family-friendly Greek restaurant with delicious food then you should visit Vrisaki – it’s perfect for lunch or dinner with friends or family!

The staff is really passionate and they offer excellent service and food prepared with love and attention to the smallest detail which is why we love this place so much.

Their menu is small and it’s focused on starters, kebabs, Greek dips, and a few other traditional main dishes because Vrisaki wants to deliver quality over quantity.

We highly recommend their Taramosalata and Tzatziki. They go very well with their Pork Kebab and the Chicken Kebab as well!

If you don’t eat meat then order the Halloumi in Pitta bread – it’s delicious!

Address: 73 Myddleton Rd, London N22 8LZ


Pitta Corner

Next, we have another little casual Greek restaurant – Pitta Corner. They have an open kitchen which, in our opinion, is amazing because you get to see how your order is being prepared and cooked. That way you are certain everything is fresh. Of course, their food is super tasty!

If you do visit Pitta Corner, you will be amazed that their menu is pretty big. They have traditional starters, salads, plenty of Greek main dishes, dips, and even a few traditional desserts you need to try!

We highly recommend all of their starters and dips – they are delicious. When it comes to main dishes, we love the Pork Gyros, the Kalamakia Chicken (with lemon, oregano, bread, fries), and all of their Souvlaki.

Address: 43 High Rd, London N22 6BH


Mums Bistro

And the last Greek place on our list is Mums Bistro – a lovely little restaurant offering home-cooked delicious Greek food.

They have a selection of your favourite Greek starters and main dishes. We highly recommend starting off with Grilled Halloumi, Tzatziki, Taramosalata, or deep-fried squid then moving on to their Chicken Kebab served with pitta bread and salad, the Affelia (slow-cooked pork in red wine), or the Pattitsio (oven-baked macaroni with pork mince).

If you don’t eat meat and prefer a main dish with vegetables then go for the Fasolada (Greek-style cooked beans in tomato sauce) or the Vegetarian Moussaka!

Address: 143 Myddleton Rd, London N22 8NG