If you love Indian food and you are wondering which restaurants in Beckenham are worth visiting – keep on reading because our team will share some of their favourite Indian restaurants in the area with you!

Chai Naasto

Chai Naasto is definitely one of the best Indian restaurants located in Beckenham. It’s a stylish modern place serving delicious food. The menu includes plenty of unique dishes influenced by Indian street food but with a modern twist. We are certain you will fall in love with this place which is why we recommend you visit!

We love their Chicken Tikka Skewers, Cauliflower Tikka Wings (vegan), the Grilled Lamb Chops, Jerk Chicken Chaat (served with kidney beans, sweetcorn masala), the Bombay Chilli Cheese Bites as well as the Chana Masala Poutine (chickpea curry, fries, cheese, spring onions).

They also serve delicious curry dishes and biriyani that we are certain you will love.

Address: 2-4 Fairfield Rd, Beckenham BR3 3LD


Beckenham Curry Club

Next on our list, we have a curry house offering all of your favourite traditional Indian dishes – the Beckenham Curry Club! It’s a lovely little cosy restaurant with a friendly staff who offer excellent service. We often go there for a quick lunch or dinner with friends!

Starters include Samosa, Prawn Puri (spicy prawns, deep-fried bread), King Prawn Butterfly, and plenty of other traditional options.

When it comes to the main dishes on their menu, you will find Tandoori, Balti dishes, Korai, Biriyani, Jalfrezi, Curries, and, of course, delicious naan bread that goes well with every dish.

We often get the Korma (creamy sauce with almonds, coconut, cream), the Pasanda, the Masala, the Mach Bhaji (pan-fried fish marinated in traditional spices), and the Beef Naga!

Address: 4, Goodwood Parade, Upper Elmers End Rd, Elmers End, Beckenham BR3 3QZ


In2 Papadam

Next on our list is In2 Papadam – a hidden gem in Beckenham that offers incredible Indian food. Not only is the food delicious but the staff is super friendly, the service is excellent, and the venue is beautifully decorated. It feels like a luxurious restaurant yet the prices are affordable – and we love that!

Our favourite starters are the Chooza Pakoras (chicken breast seasoned with traditional spices, lemon juice), the Butterfly King Prawn, and the Samosas!

When it comes to the main dishes, we highly recommend you try out the Moghul Lamb Chops, Chicken Shashlik (with tomatoes and peppers), Lamb Tikka Masala, Lal Reshmi (marinated boneless tandoori chicken in garlic, olive oil, cumin, nutmeg), and Chicken Tikka Biryani!

Of course, they have plenty of other incredible traditional dishes to choose from. The menu is pretty big so we are certain you will find your favourite Indian food there!

Address: 13B Bromley Rd, Beckenham BR3 5NT


Wild Mango Restaurant

And last on our list, we have Wild Mango – another hidden gem in Beckenham that serves incredible traditional Indian dishes we all know and love!

Starters include Aloo Chop, Lamb Chops, Ginger Jinga (prawns marinated in ginger, garlic, lemon juice), Jhal Puri, and plenty of other options.

When it comes to the main dishes on their menu, you will find plenty of Tandoori dishes that are marinated in yoghurt and traditional spices, Curry dishes, Biryani, Tikka, and quite a few Chef’s Special dishes. We love the Wild Mango Chicken (chicken tikka with mango, minced lamb medium spice, fried rice), the Paneer Chilli Masala, and the Tiger Prawn Balchou (cooked in sweet and sour masala)!

Address: 243 High St, Beckenham BR3 1BN