Our team loves Indian food and since there are plenty of incredible restaurants located in Chislehurst that do offer delicious Indian cuisine we decided to gather all of our favourite places and share them with you today!

Our esteemed team has compiled a list of the most superlative Indian dining establishments in the idyllic hamlet of Chislehurst.


Ginger & Spices

First on our list, we have Ginger & Spices – a restaurant that we visit a few times a month because their food is truly divine! We highly recommend you visit them if you are a fan of Indian food!

We always start off with their Papri Chat (puries with potato, spiced chickpeas, sweet yoghurt, and tamarind chutney) – it’s our favourite starter on their menu!

When it comes to their main dishes, we highly recommend their Lamb Tikka, the Paneer Tikka Shaslik, the delicious Murg Korma (chicken breast, cashew nuts, creamy sauce), the Goan Ghost Curry (lamb cubes, special Indian spices, poppy seeds, coconut), and the King Prawn Masala!

To be honest, all of their dishes are incredible and full of flavour so whatever you choose to order – you won’t be disappointed for sure!

Address: 67 High St, Chislehurst BR7 5AG


Bengal Lancer

Next on our list, we have a lovely little restaurant with great ambience, excellent service, friendly staff, and, of course, mouthwatering Indian food you have to try! Their menu is very unique and you won’t be able to find most of their dishes in any other restaurant located in Chislehurst which makes them stand out!

We really love their Murgh Makhni (chicken cooked in a clay oven with butter, cream sauce, fenugreek, coriander), the Stuffed Murgh Masala (stuffed chicken with potatoes, onions, peas, served with hot sauce), the Hydrabadi Raan Gosht (marinated lamb leg in garlic, ginger, green cardamoms, fennel seeds, dry fenugreek leaves, chilli), the Lamb Pasanda, and the Hass Jalfrezi (duck, onions, green peppers, chat masallachat masalla)!

Address: 15 Royal Parade, Chislehurst BR7 6NR


Royal Cuisine

The next Indian restaurant in Chislehurst that we highly recommend you visit is called Royal Cuisine. The staff is very friendly, the service is excellent, and the food is full of flavour and always prepared with fresh ingredients! You really can’t go wrong with going to this lovely place!

For starters, we usually get the Chicken Chat, Prawn Puree, Shami Kebab (with minced lamb), or the Paneer Tikka Sashlick (skewered and grilled cheese, peppers, tomatoes, marinated with ginger, garlic, lemon juice, spices).

When it comes to their main dishes, they have it all – from Biriyani and Tandoori dishes to Masala, Balti, Dansak, and all sorts of other traditional food we all know and love.

No matter which main dish you decide to order, we highly recommend getting a side of Coconut Rice or Lemon Rice because they go very well with everything and are extremely tasty!

Address: 3, Donna Alexandra Mews, 5 Royal Parade, Chislehurst BR7 6NR


Cinnamon Culture

And the last Indian restaurant on our list is called Cinnamon Culture. With a very stylish and modern interior as well as contemporary dishes, this restaurant really stands out from the rest.

Definitely start off either with Chilli Squid (with garlic, chilli, and rocket salad), Soft-shell kekada (crab coated with crisp vermicelli and semolina crusted crab ball, served with berry chutney), or the Dill salmon (Tandoori Salmon with dill and mustard marinade with lime and chilli chutney)!

When it comes to their main dishes, they have very unique and interesting options – for example, their Scallops lababdaar (scallops in a spicy onion, tomato, and cashew nuts masala, served with pilau rice), the Chicken karahi (diced chicken with peppers and onions in a spicy tomato masala), and the Raan Mughlai (lamb served with curried butternut squash and a sauce reduction)!

For dessert, order the Mango coco (coconut parfait with mango and passion fruit) or the Gajar halwa!

Address: 95, 97 High St, Chislehurst BR7 5AG