Are you a huge Indian food lover? Well, then this list our team decided to create is just for you!

We have always enjoyed Indian cuisine because it’s super tasty. Since there are so many amazing Indian restaurants in Kingston Upon Thames, our team decided to share where we love going the most with you!

These fine dining establishments specializing in Indian cuisine are a must-visit if you wish to partake in the ultimate culinary experience in Kingston Upon Thames.


Chakra Indian Restaurant

This beautiful restaurant is definitely worth visiting because both the interior and the food are incredible. They have an indoor and an outdoor area but what is most interesting about this restaurant is the concept!

As all of you know, chakras are energy points in your body according to Indian philosophy – and this restaurant has decided to create their brand philosophy around the concept of chakras and their healing powers. What’s so interesting about Chakra Indian Restaurant is that they have made it their mission to provide a dining experience to all of their guests which will restore harmony in the mind and body through nutritious meals and the welcoming ambience of the restaurant.

You definitely need to start off with their Chilli Lime and Garlic Mogo or the Murg Malai Tikka (grilled marinated chicken with ginger, garlic, cream cheese).

We have visited this place quite a few times by now, and we have tried the Kake Da Lamb Rogan Josh (slow-cooked lamb with brown onion, Kasmiri chilli, plum tomatoes), the Ajwaine Fish Tikka as well as the Honey and Dill Salmon – all of which we loved!

Address: Bishops Palace House, 1 Riverside Walk, Kingston upon Thames KT1 1QN


Roz Ana

Roz Ana is one of our favourite Indian restaurants in Kingston upon Thames. It has a cocktail bar and a small pub on the ground floor as well as a more sophisticated dining room upstairs.

They have a few set menu options which are pretty affordable as well as the main menu and a Vegan and Vegetarian one!

There are 3 set menus all of which consist of appetisers and main dishes – the desserts are an additional £5 per person.

When it comes to the main menu, we definitely highly recommend starting off with a Coconut Soft Shell Crab since it’s super tasty. We also really enjoy the Main Dishes – Chicken Tikka Laphroaig Masala and Hyderabadi Lamb Biryani served with cucumber and mint yoghurt are indeed our favourites!

Address: 4-8 Kingston Hill, Kingston upon Thames KT2 7NH


Akbar Tandoori Restaurant

Akbar Tandoori Restaurant is considered a “curry house” and was first established in 1969 – and they have been serving delicious Indian food ever since! In our opinion, it’s one of the oldest curry houses in the area which makes this place even more special!

The menu consists of 147 dishes you can order – we know it sounds super overwhelming, however, they have made sure to have a diverse menu so everyone can find something they will enjoy! Of course, all dishes are traditional Indian so if you already have a favourite, you won’t take that long to choose what to order!

As always, we will share our favourite dishes with you so you know what to order if you are wondering. The Garlic Chilli Chicken, the Salmon Bunha, the King Prawn Curry, and the Paneer Balti are indeed our favourites!

Address: 54 Richmond Rd, Kingston upon Thames KT2 5EH


Saqui Tandoori

This award-winning incredible Indian restaurant has been serving delicious food since 1987 when it first opened doors – and has been a favourite of many ever since!

Since we love going to Saqui Tandoori, we will share what a typical order of ours looks like. We always start off with the Samosa filled with spiced minced meat as well as the King Prawn Puri (cooked in a sweet and sour sauce). Then, we move on to the main dishes – the Chicken or Lamb Shashlik, the Chicken Chat Massalla or the Butter Chicken is what we usually get.

Address: 317 Richmond Rd, Kingston upon Thames KT2 5QU