There are plenty of modern Indian restaurants in Richmond that all have a few things in common – delicious food, excellent service, and a lovely atmosphere that it can be hard to choose where to go when you are craving some traditional meals.

This is why our team will share 4 of their favourite Indian restaurants in Richmond with you – so you know exactly where to go next!

Top 4 Indian Restaurants In Richmond According To Our Team



First on our list is definitely our favourite Indian restaurant in Richmond. It’s a lovely small contemporary place that offers authentic Indian cuisine with a modern twist which is exciting. All ingredients are fresh and seasonal which makes their menu diverse and unique.

Both the interior and exterior of this place are stunning and we are certain you are going to love going there!

They have two menus – a vegan one and an A La Carte one.

If you eat meat and dairy products then we highly recommend you start off with Paneer Tikka (with basil, cottage cheese, sweetcorn, green pepper), Pink Prawns Koliwada (turmeric, fennel, gun powder, tomato chutney), or Norfolk Turkey Lentil (turkey breast, yoghurt, fennel, lentils, coconut, pickled garlic).

We have to say that their main dishes are just as unique and exciting as their starters. We love the Lobster Moilee (lobster tail, squid, fenugreek seeds, coconut milk, banana shallots), the Awadhi Murgh (chicken, fresh mint, yoghurt), and the Lamb Shank Korma!

If you are vegan then we highly recommend the Jackfruit Pulao (green jackfruit, fresh herbs, kewra). Most of our team does eat meat, however, we all think that this dish is excellent!

And for dessert, we always either get the Pistachio Kheer (rice pudding with pistachio, cardamom, kulfi) or the Kesar Mango Shrikhand!

Address: 100 Kew Rd, Richmond TW9 2PQ



Another stunning contemporary Indian restaurant in Richmond that we recommend you visit is Swagat. Their menu is also a combination of traditional Indian cuisine and modern cooking techniques which is a great combination in our opinion.

We usually start off with Prawn Naryali (king prawns marinated in coconut, grilled in the tandoor) and a Chicken Tikka.

When it comes to main dishes, they have it all – from Biriyani and Bhuna to Curry, Korma, Jalfrezi, Dhansak, and Tandoori Dishes. We honestly love everything on their menu, however, we highly recommend you try the Handi Gosht (lamb, marinated in garlic, chilli, mint, cooked with onion, tomatoes, spices) and the Malabar Fish Curry (with coconut, mustard, curry leaves). These are our two favourite dishes on their menu!

Address: 86 Hill Rise, Richmond TW10 6UB


Rara Kew

The next Indian restaurant on our list that we recommend you visit is Rara Kew – a colourful and vibrant place with delicious food and excellent service. Aside from the beautiful interior, they have made sure all of their dishes are prepared using as little oil as possible and they do not add any artificial flavours or colours which makes Rara Kew one of the fewest places offering not only delicious but healthy food.

The menu is full of your favourite Indian dishes – unlike the other two restaurants on our list, Rara Kew is focused on delivering traditional food.

We love all of their Tandoori dishes – especially the Lamb Tikka, Turkey Tikka, and the Lamb Chops. We also recommend you try the Lamb Pasanda (with French red wine), the Chicken Tikka Biryani, the Dopiaza ( with onion and peppers), and the King Prawn Miteri (king prawn curry with lemongrass).

Address: 279 Sandycombe Rd, Richmond TW9 3LU


Cafe Masala

And last but definitely not least is Cafe Masala – another fabulous Indian restaurant with a lovely traditional Indian menu that has a bit of a modern twist. This place is very popular and we wouldn’t be surprised if you know it – especially when you love Indian food, however, if this is the first time you are hearing about Cafe Masala then definitely book a table and head over!

What do they offer? Everything! Literally, every favourite Indian dish of yours is included on their menu – and we love that because it’s diverse and there is something for everyones’ taste in there! From Biriyani, Tandoori, Jalfrezi, and Dansak to Balti, Pathia, and Korai dishes!

We also really enjoy the “Chef Specialities” – especially the Akbori Chicken (chicken cooked in green spices, coriander, pistachio, coconut cream sauce), the Saffron Chicken, and the Mint Lamb!

Address: 113 Kew Rd, Richmond TW9 2PN