Who doesn’t love Italian food, right? Our team often eats the delicious traditional cuisine it has to offer. We know that it can be a challenge to find a good Italian restaurant in Wood Green – and since we have gone to quite a few ones that were incredible, we decided to gather them in this article – so you know exactly where to go whenever you are craving pizza, pasta, or other traditional Italian food!

Top 4 Italian Restaurant In Wood Green You Must Visit!


Il Bebo’s

The first restaurant on our list is Il Bebo’s – one of the best Italian places in Wood Green that you can visit. Not only is the food incredible but the service is excellent and the interior design of the venue is beautiful – with leaves on the ceiling, interesting chandeliers, and a mixture of brick and white walls.

But let’s not focus so much on the stylish interior because, after all, the most important thing in a restaurant is the food – and on Il Bebo’s menu you will find your favourite Italian dishes prepared with fresh ingredients and a lot of attention to the smallest detail! Really, everything is super delicious and we cannot recommend this place enough to you!

We highly recommend you start off with their Antipasto – a platter that you can order for one or for two people to share. It includes prosciutto, salami, pepperoni, grana padano, baby mozzarella, sun dried tomatoes, olives, rocket leaves, and a toasted ciabatta!

If you love salads, they have plenty of options – our favourite is the Pollo, Pancetta E Avocado (with chicken, bacon, avocado, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, mixed leaves with a homemade lemon and mustard dressing)!

As our main dish, we often go for a traditional Spaghetti Alla Bolognese, a Penne Con Salmone (with Salmon, broccoli, red chilli, red pesto, creamy sauce), a Risotto Del Mare (with – king prawns, calamari, cherry tomatoes, chillies, red pesto sauce), or the Capricciosa pizza (red pesto base, bacon, egg, mushrooms, mozzarella).

Address: 2 Cheapside, High Rd, London N22 6HJ


Ezra’s Kitchen

Next on our list is another fantastic Italian restaurant that you definitely want to visit – it’s called Ezra’s Kitchen and you will be blown away by how delicious everything on the menu is. Of course, the interior design is also very impressive and stylish but we will focus more on their food!

They have an incredible main menu as well as a vegan menu so if you happen to be vegan you won’t be disappointed! On the Vegan menu, you will find delicious options like hummus and beetroot dip, a Penne Primavera (pasta, tomato sauce, cherry tomatoes, broccoli,
aubergine, basil, roasted peppers), a Lasagna with vegetables and vegan cheese, served with a mixed leaves salad.

If you are interested in their Main Menu, they have all sorts of traditional starters and salads, delicious pizzas, a huge selection of pasta, and all sorts of traditional meat and seafood main dishes to choose from!

Address: 185 High Rd, London N22 6BA



One of our favourite Italian restaurants in Wood Green is called Fatisa – and it’s a pizzeria! It’s a pretty simple and casual restaurant that still has stylish and chic decor – perfect for a dinner with friends or family!

Please, keep in mind that they only serve pizza, a few salads, and starters so they don’t have any pasta or other Italian main dishes.

Their pizzas are super delicious – and what we love most about Fatisa is that they have an option for “creating your own pizza” – this means you get to choose the size, the base, and the toppings you want.

Of course, they also have salads, traditional starters like mozzarella garlic bread, and even quite a lot of vegan pizza options.

And last – don’t forget to order a dessert – we highly recommend their Tiramisu and the Flute Limoncello which is a lemon gelato with limoncello in a champagne glass!

Address: 292 High Rd, London N22 8JZ


Napoli Pizzeria

The next Italian place in Wood Green on our list is technically not a restaurant because they don’t have a dine-in area – they only offer takeaway and home deliveries, however, since their food is so delicious and we often order from there whenever we don’t feel like going to a restaurant and we still want to enjoy Italian food – we still decided to feature them on our list!

They are a hidden gem because not many people know about Napoli Pizzeria but we can guarantee that their food is delicious!

The menu is focused on pizzas, however, they also have a few pasta options that are really good. Aside from ordering pizza, we also always get their Breaded Mozzarella Sticks, the Chilli Dip, an Insalata Mista (mixed leaves, lettuce, onion, cherry tomato, parmesan) as well as the Spaghetti Carbonara!

Address: 4 Palace Gates Rd, London N22 7BN