There are plenty of incredible Italian restaurants located in Upminster which makes choosing where to have dinner pretty challenging. This is why we decided we are going to share our favourite Italian restaurants in the area with you so we can help with your choice!

Top 4 Italian Restaurants In Upminster According To Our Team


Osteria Due Amici

Of course, we have to start with our favourite Italian restaurant in Upminster – Osteria Due Amici. It’s also the most popular Italian place in the area so you have probably already eaten there. You probably can agree with us that the food is incredible, the staff is super friendly, the service is excellent, and the overall ambience is relaxing and cosy. The interior is stunning – with blue upholstered chairs and wooden tables.

Unlike other restaurants, the menu of Osteria Due Amici is small and only the most popular traditional starters and dishes are featured.

Starters include Calamari, Arancini, Scallops and King Prawns, and a few other options. We recommend you get the ODA sharer – a mix of bruschetta, arancini, baked camembert, cured meats, olives, bread.

When it comes to the main dishes, they have two pizza options – Margherita and Diavola, Bolognese, Ragu, Gnocchi, salads, and a few other meat and fish main dishes such as Panko breaded chicken breast.

Desserts include Tiramisu and our favourite – Gelato Ice Cream!

Address: 39 Corbets Tey Rd, Upminster RM14 2AJ



Next incredible Italian restaurant that we highly recommend you visit is Sorrento – a lovely little traditional place with an incredible menu and delicious traditional food we all know and love! Keep in mind that they do not serve pizza!

Starters include Bruschetta, Polpettine Napoli (meatballs in tomato sauce with ciabatta bread), Calamari Fritti (with tartar sauce).

When it comes to their main dishes, they have quite a lot of options. If you fancy pasta go for the Linguine Marinara or the Fettuccine bolognese.

If you rather have a meat main dish, we highly recommend the Lamb Al Rosmarino (marinated lamb cutlets, garlic and rosemary sauce, served with potatoes, vegetables), the Pollo Cubetti (diced chicken breast, onions, mushrooms, cream, white wine sauce, potatoes, vegetables), or the Calf’s Liver and Bacon (with an onion sauce).

And for dessert, you have to get their Profiteroles with chocolate sauce!

Address: 13 Station Rd, Upminster RM14 2SJ



Next on our list, we have Prezzo – the most popular Italian restaurant chain with locations all over the UK. If we have to be honest, we love every location they have because you get the same quality food and excellent service in each restaurant there but, of course, we will focus on the one in Upminster today.

We are certain that you know them pretty well and you have been there a lot – especially if you are a fan of Italian food.

We usually start off with the Meatballs, the Caesar Salad, or the Burrata salad (with avocado and tomatoes).

Then we move on to their pasta dishes since they are incredible. We love the Spaghetti Carbonara, the Chicken Alfredo Tagliatelle, and the Crab & Lobster Ravioli with King Prawns.

Address: 53 Corbets Tey Rd, Upminster RM14 2AJ


Pizza Express

And last on our list is Pizza Express – the place to visit whenever you are craving delicious traditional pizza! Once again, Pizza Express is indeed a popular pizzeria chain that has locations not only in the UK but all over the world. But don’t let this make you think that their food has “fast-food” quality. Their pizzas are well-made with fresh ingredients and are very tasty. Our team is not a fan of fast-food restaurants so we would never feature one on our lists!

We highly recommend you start off with either a Hot Jalapeno Dough Balls (with spices, hot jalapeño salsa, parsley) or the Loaded Pesto Dough Balls (with basil and pine kernel pesto, cheese, Italian tomato dip). These are the newest things on their menu and they are incredible!

Of course, the main dish you will get is going to be pizza. We have tried almost every pizza on their menu and every option is super delicious.

Address: 131-133 St Mary’s Lane, Upminster RM14 2SH