If you love Japanese cuisine then this article is for you! Our team is a huge fan of almost every traditional Japanese dish out there which is why we have decided to share all of our favourite Japanese restaurants in Greenwich with you so you know where to go in order to enjoy your favourite traditional dishes!

Top 4 Japanese Restaurants In Greenwich You Must Visit



Zaibatsu is a casual Japanese restaurant with simple decor and an incredible selection of traditional dishes like sushi, noodles, sashimi, and much more. We love going there whenever we are craving good Japanese food that is well-prepared with fresh ingredients.

They have incredible traditional starters like Edamame, Spring rolls, and gyoza. They also have super tasty salads – we love the Spicy Prawn Salad (deep-fried prawns with spicy mayo with an apple dressing).

We highly recommend their sushi sets – especially the Sushi Roll Set with 8 California rolls, 8 salmon with avocado rolls, and 6 salmon and tuna rolls. If you don’t really like sushi and you want noodles or traditional rice dishes – don’t worry because they have plenty of options!

Address: 96 Trafalgar Rd, London SE10 9UW



Sticks’n’Sushi is a beautiful Japanese restaurant with a modern and stylish interior design as well as fantastic high-quality food. They lit candles making this restaurant perfect for a romantic dinner!

The menu is filled with traditional Japanese food as well as a lot of unique and interesting options that you won’t be able to find anywhere else. We really do love their cooking and think they offer some of the most delicious Japanese food in Greenwich!

We highly recommend the Hotate Cevice (scallops, lime, chili, coriander, red onion, celery, tiger’s milk), the Beautiful Mess (Salmon, avocado, peas, edamame, pickled red onion, sushi rice, poké sauce) as well as all of their sushi sets – some of which are huge. For example, if you are going there with a big group of friends or family, you can get the Four Meal Drive which has 82 sushi rolls in it (different nigiri and maki)!

Address: 1 Nelson Rd, London SE10 9JB



Kitcho is a pretty well-known Japanese restaurant in Greenwich that many love. If you have already been there then you probably understand why it’s one of our favourite restaurants in the area! The food really is incredible, the interior is welcoming and stylish, and the overall experience is excellent making it the perfect place to visit for a delicious meal!

On their menu, they have starters like gyoza, wasabi prawns, and plenty of salads – our favourite is the Sashimi Salad with their homemade yuzu dressing! They have plenty of sashimi, maki, and temaki options for those of you that love sushi.

Other incredible dishes on their menu are all of the Japanese Curry, all the dishes with teriyaki sauce, the Robata (especially the grilled chicken skewers), donburis served with miso soup and bed rice, and all of the ramen soups!

Address: 57 Greenwich High Rd, London SE10 8LP



We have previously featured Wagamama in another list we have made in the past, however, since they have a location in Greenwich as well we couldn’t miss talking about them – after all, they do serve delicious Japanese food and we had to honor them for it! It’s a pretty popular chain of restaurants so we are certain you have already visited them – but we want to remind you of how tasty everything on their menu is!

We really enjoy their raisukaree tofu curry, the firecracker chicken, all of their ramen dishes as well as the grilled duck donburi and the teriyaki beef donburi. Now, if you have never visited Wagamama be advised that they do not serve sushi or sashimi – they are focused on other traditional dishes!

Address: the o2, London SE10 0ES