Japanese cuisine is extremely flavourful and unique which is why our team loves it so much. You can often find us in restaurants all over London in hopes of finding the best places that prepare the most delicious food.

Today, we decided to share all of our favourite Japanese restaurants in Hackney with you!

Top 4 Japanese Restaurants In Hackney According To Our Team



Starting our list with Okko – one of the best Japanese restaurants in Hackney. They are focused on delivering delicious healthy food prepared from fresh ingredients – and they also have plenty of vegan options! On their menu, they have staples like gyoza, poke bowls, ramen, and sushi.

We really enjoy the homemade prawn gyoza, the KFC (spicy, sweet, and sour fried chicken), and the chicken ramen!

Also, the poke bowls are incredible as well as the sushi so we highly recommend you try that as well. Of course, you might need to come back a few times before you are able to taste everything, however, it’s worth it!

Address: 49 Broadway Market, London E8 4PH



Uchi is a pretty popular place because of the beautiful venue and the incredible food. People really enjoy going there which is why we highly recommend you visit Uchi if you have never been.

Now, the menu is super small and there aren’t a lot of options. They have focused on certain Japanese dishes which they make. You will find a few starters like edamame, fried rice balls, pickles, etc., then there are a few sushi options, three main dishes (robata, kara-age, and tempura). And finally, they have desserts.

Robata is grilled skewers, kara-age is a delicious deep-fried chicken, and tempura is battered and deep-fried vegetables.

Address: 144 Clarence Rd, Lower Clapton, London E5 8DY


Kiyo Sushi

Now, if you are craving sushi then we highly recommend you visit Kiyo – it’s the place to eat sushi in Hackney!

Of course, on the menu, you can find all sorts of Japanese starters like edamame, gyoza, pumpkin katsu, etc. They also have delicious salads – the Seared Salmon Salad is our faovurite (salmon, mixed leaf, cucumber, avocado, garnish).

When it comes to the main dishes they offer, you will find a lot of katsu curry, ramen, yaki udon, and, of course, the star of the show – sushi!

Address: 400 Hackney Rd, London E2 7AP


Tonkotsu Mare Street

Tonkotsu is an amazing restaurant – and they have locations all over London. We have previously talked about this place in another list we made, however, since the food is so incredible, we had to feature them in this article as well!

They are popular for the ramen they offer because they make the noodles from scratch which gives them such a unique taste. We love their Tonkotsu Noodles – a signature dish prepared with pork broth, roast pork belly, spring onions, eggs, garlic oil, bean sprouts, bamboo shots, and, of course, the amazing noodles!

They do have plenty of vegetarian and vegan options as well!

Address: 382 Mare St, London E8 1HR