Our team has always been a huge fan of Japanese cuisine which is probably why we often go out to restaurants that offer Sushi, Soba, Yakitori, and other delicious Japanese food.

If you live in Lewisham and you are craving Japanese food then finding a Japanese restaurant can be a difficult task since there aren’t many in the area, however, we have found some incredible places you can visit!

Bento Chinese – Oriental and Japanese Cuisine

This small restaurant is full of creativity – you can see it both in the interior of the venue and in their dishes! They are inspired by numerous cafes in Japan and China which is why you can find Japanese and Chinese dishes on their menu.

They often have special Japanese “all you can eat” buffet which costs only £21.99 per person – and we highly recommend you visit whenever they have this buffet.

In their menu, they have an incredible option for sushi called Bento Rose Box which includes 42 rolls (Salmon avocado roll, California Roll, Salmon Maki, Salmon / Tuna / Prawn Nigiri, Salmon & Tuna Sashimi) so if you are a huge sushi lover definitely get that!

They also have a special section in their menu for vegan and vegetarian drinks and dishes such as special Fruit Teas, tofu teriyaki, avocado rolls, cucumber rolls, etc.

Address: 47-49 Lee High Rd, London SE13 5NS


Toro Ramen Japanese Traditional food

Delicious food prepared from fresh ingredients, affordable prices, and friendly staff – everything you need for a nice lunch or dinner, right? We highly recommend you visit Toro Ramen for some of the best Japanese cuisine in Lewisham!

They have incredible starters – edamame, spring rolls, tofu, etc. They also offer sashimi sets, nigiri sets, maki and uramaki rolls, and other delicious sushi!

If you don’t want sushi then they also have a lot of noodle dishes and rice dishes. We highly recommend their Miso Butter Ramen and Sea Food Ramen.

We also recommend you try out the Japanese Rice Cake Dafu Dessert they have because it’s truly amazing. You can select a Mochi, Black Sesame, or a Red Bean Flavour!

Address: 80 Lee High Rd, London SE13 5PT


Happy Sushi Takeaway

This lovely little shop offers amazing sushi that you need to try out. Not only are the prices super affordable which is hard to find with sushi but the quality is incredible. They only use fresh fish and ingredients. Also, the portion sizes are larger than usual so if you do decide to grab sushi from Happy Sushi Takeaway, you won’t regret it!

Another reason why we love this place so much is that the staff is super friendly and they pay attention to each customer. The restaurant is family-run and you can really see how dedicated they are to offering quality sushi to their customers!

Address: 25 Lewisham Rd, London SE13 7QS



Sushi World

Sushi world is another amazing place where you can get quality sushi made from fresh ingredients! The chefs preparing the sushi believe that it’s not just food – it’s art. They display age-old techniques with preparing the sushi which is “theatre”!

We highly recommend the spicy edamame and the Age Dashi Tofu (deep-fried tofu with teriyaki sauce) as your starter! Then, you can choose between incredible salads, delicious sushi, and a few “Rice Donbury” (rice-bowl dish with vegetables and meat).

They also have noodle dishes, soups, dumplings, and other amazing options on their menu!

Address: 12 Burnt Ash Rd, London SE12 8PZ