Curious to know which Japanese restaurants in Twickenham are worth visiting? Well, our team has decided to share our favourite places in the area that offer incredible Japanese food so you know exactly where to go!

Top 4 Japanese Restaurants In Twickenham You Must Visit



First Japanese restaurant on our list is Umi – an incredible place with a stylish interior, red-painted walls, and dark wood floors. But, of course, their food is a lot more important than their interior design so we will focus on their impressive menu filled with all of your favourite Japanese dishes.

We always start off either with a hot or cold small dish. From Tako Yapi (Octopus Ball, a famous Japanese street food), Duck Harumaki (Duck Spring Roll with Hoisin and Plum Sauce), and Chicken Gyoza to Yellowtail Sashimi Salad and Wakame Salad, they have all sorts of unique and traditional options.

We highly recommend their sushi, sashimi, Hosomaki, Uramaki, and nigiri – everything is fresh, prepared with locally-sourced ingredients.

And make sure you get a dessert – we love the Mochi Ice Cream with Green Tea!

Address: 30 York St, Twickenham TW1 3LJ


Ke Sushi

Ke Sushi has a rich history and the owner who is also the chef is experienced – from culinary training in Japan then working in a Japanese restaurant for 6 years to opening Ke Sushi in 1996 in Portugal to now moving to England and opening another Ke Sushi here. Everything about this place is incredible – from the food to the service.

The menu is really impressive. We always start with their Ebi Age Mayo (Deep fried prawns, mayonnaise), Tori Teriyaki (chicken teriyaki), and Ebi & Avocado Salad (prawns, avocado, Japanese dressing).

Then we usually either get the famous Sushi sets, Sashimi sets, or the Ten Zaru Udon (noodles with deep-fried king prawns)!

Address: 36 London Rd, Twickenham TW1 3RR


Sushi Manga

Next Japanese restaurant we really enjoy visiting is Sushi Manga. And don’t let the name fool you because even though they offer sushi, they also have other incredible traditional options we all know and love.

We highly recommend trying their Katsu Curry – the Pumpkin Katsu Curry is not only unique but very tasty and suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

Aside from the Katsy Curry and all of the sushi options, we also really enjoy all of the Teriyaki dishes and the Yakisoba Noodles.

Address: 15 High Street Whitton, Whitton, Twickenham TW2 7LA


Sayurit Sushi

And last on our list is Sayurit Sushi – yet another lovely little Japanese restaurant that you are going to fall in love with. The menu is incredible, the food is delicious, and the service is excellent. Of course, they also offer takeaway and home delivery so if you are craving sushi or other Japanese food yet you don’t feel like eating out – you can always order!

They have a lot of salad options – our favourite is the Spicy Chicken Salad (with grilled chicken, Edamame Beans, Carrot, Kimchi Sauce, Green Salad). Also, their gyoza and tempura options are delicious.

As you can probably guess, they offer a lot of sushi and sashimi options – all of which are mouth-watering and you definitely need to try them.

Also, they have Katsu Curry with Rice, Teriyaki dishes, Yaki Udon and Yakisoba Noodles, soups, and bento boxes so you will definitely find your favourite Japanese meal on their menu!

Desserts include Doriyaki, Matcha Green Tea or Red Bean Ogura Ice Cream, and Strawberry or Chocolate Mochi!

Address: 19 Richmond Rd, Twickenham TW1 3AB