Craving a diverse Mediterranean light lunch or dinner? Well, our team loves Mediterranean dishes and we often go out trying different restaurant just to see which ones offer the most delicious meals.

This is why we decided to share our favourite Mediterranean restaurants in Weybridge with you – so you know exactly where to go next!

Top 4 Mediterranean Restaurants In Weybridge According To Our Team


La Casa Restaurant & Grill

La Casa is a family-run Italian restaurant that is focused on delivering the most delicious traditional Italian food in Weybridge. They have it all – pasta, pizza, meat dishes, seafood and fish dishes, and, of course, incredible Italian homemade desserts you need to try!

We highly recommend you start off with their Mozzarella Garlic Bread or the Crudo con melone (Parma ham and melon). Our team really enjoys the mixture of ham and sweet and fresh melon. Of course, it’s not a combination everyone is going to enjoy which is why they have plenty of other starters to choose from!

Next, we often get the Nodino di vitello burro e salvia (veal chop cooked with white wine, butter, sage), the Trancia di merluzzo (cod, baby spinach, beans, cherry tomatoes), the Risotto with prawns and asparagus, or the Tagliatelle al salmone (pasta, smoked salmon, parsley, cream, onion, tomato). There are a lot of other amazing options on the menu so you will be able to find something you like. Of course, the pizza is also incredible but since you won’t be able to try everything from the first visit, we do recommend you go to La Casa a few times!

And since the desserts are incredible, we have to warn you – leave room for the homemade tiramisù or the homemade Panna cotta!

Address: 2 Monument Hill, Weybridge KT13 8RH


Gok’s Kitchen

Gok’s Kitchen is a beautiful restaurant offering traditional Turkish cuisine. Not only is the interior super stylish but they also have a garden which they open for the summer – and we highly recommend you book a table there!

They have hot and cold mezes – for example, we love the Falafel (mince of deep-fried crushed chickpeas, leek, carrot with fresh herbs, served with hummus), the Sigara Böreği (pastry stuffed with feta cheese and baby spinach), and the Tabouleh Salad (chopped parsley, couscous, tomato, spring onion, pomegranate dressing, olive oil).

Next on their menu, you can find interesting burgers, wraps as well as traditional Turkish grilled meat – Chicken Shish Kebab, Lamb Kofte Kebab, etc. We really like the Grilled Halloumi Burger with humus, tomatoes, green salad, tomato salsa and fries!

Address: 7 Church St, Weybridge KT13 8DE


El Meson De Los Hermanos

El Meson De Los Hermanos is an incredible Spanish restaurant offering traditional cuisine that is super well-made. Since there aren’t a lot of Spanish restaurants in Weybridge, we are happy to share that El Meson De Los Hermanos really does offer delicious food that you won’t be able to find anywhere else!

We love the Gambas al Pil Pil (spicy prawns with garlic, white wine, tomato, chilli), the Gambas Gabardina (prawns in bear batter), the Paella Racion (paella, seafood, chicken pieces), and the Pulpo a la Gallega (octopus with paprika).

Also, they have incredible vegetarian options and super tasty Churros so make sure you leave room for dessert!

Address: 20 Baker St, Weybridge KT13 8AU


Osso Buco

Osso Buco is another Italian restaurant in Weybridge that offers incredible food that you need to try, however, keep in mind that they do not serve pizza. Their menu is focused on pasta and salads. The restaurant is pretty high-end, however, the prices are affordable!

Osso Buco has two menus – a Lunch menu and a Dinner one with slight differences in the dishes they offer.

We highly recommend you order the Calamaretti Pasta (sausage, fennel seeds, red wine, Pecorino romano, cream), the Fried Courgettes, the Chicche Pasta (gnocchi filled with seabass, fresh cherry tomatoes, garlic, chilli), or the Cesare salad (salad leaves, shredded smoked chicken, bread, Parmesan, crispy Parma ham, caesar dressing). These are our favourite dishes from Oddo Buco!

Address: 23 Church St, Weybridge KT13 8DE