Today, our team is going to share all of their favourite Turkish restaurants located in Bethnal Green that offer fantastic food and excellent service!

Top 4 Turkish Restaurants In Bethnal Green You Must Visit


Wood Mangal

Starting off this list with Wood Mangal – one of our favourite Turkish restaurants in Bethnal Green. It’s a nice little place with a simple interior, delicious food, and very friendly staff. If you don’t feel like going to a fancy restaurant but would rather relax in a casual setting then this is the place to visit!

Cold starters include traditional Spinach Tarator (yoghurt, spinach, garlic), Kisir (wheat, parsley, onions, fresh lemon juice, tomato sauce, olive oil), and Humus. Hot starters include Falafel, Deep-fried squid, and our favourite – Sigara Boregi (filo pastry with feta cheese).

Of course, the main dishes consist of traditional charcoal-grilled kebabs such as Chicken Shish, Lamb Doner, and Adana Kofte all of which are served with rice and a salad. We also really enjoy their Wrapped Chicken Beyti which is a skewer of chicken, homemade bread, butter, tomato sauce, and yoghurt.

Address: 329 Bethnal Green Rd, London E2 6LJ


Tas Firin Restaurant

Another great casual Turkish restaurant you are going to love in Bethnal Green is Tas Firin. It’s a small family-run place with a very passionate staff, an impressive menu, and tasty traditional food.

Hot and cold starters include Cacik, Patlican Soslu (aubergine, green peppers, tomato sauce, garlic), Homemade Yaprak Sarma (stuffed vine leaves with rice), and Grilled Halloumi. We also highly recommend you order a Lentil Soup!

If you love charcoal-grilled kebabs, go for their lovely Chicken Shish, Lamb Beyti, or Adana Kofte – all of which come with a salad, bread, and rice.

But if you don’t feel like ordering a kebab, you can also enjoy one of their lovely pan dishes – like the Lamb Tava (with lamb, tomatoes, onions, green and red peppers, garlic, served with rice, salad, bread), a delicious Sea Bass (served with rice, salad, bread), or even a Turkish pizza which is also known as Pide!

And for dessert, we recommend their Baklava or the Rice Pudding.

Address: 160 Bethnal Green Rd, London E2 6DG


Adana Turkish with Fusion

If you are looking for a more fancy Turkish restaurant then we recommend Adana Turkish with Fusion – yet another incredible place with tasty food and a great selection of traditional dishes.

When it comes to their hot starters, we love the Muska Boregi (pastry with feta cheese, parsley, and spices), the Sucuk (spicy Turkish sausage), and their incredible Tomato Soup which is also served with bread. Cold starters include Tarama, Baba Ganoush (aubergine, garlic, lemon juice, bread), and Cacik.

Some of our favourite main dishes are their Lamb Chops, Iskandar (Adana, yoghurt, bread, special sauce, herb and butter sauce, rice, salad, bread), and the Chicken Wings which are marinated in Turkish spices. We also recommend you try their unique Adana Burger (with Adana patty, onions, green, and red pepper).

Address: 267 Bethnal Green Rd, London E2 6AH


White Horse Kebab House London

And last on our list is a kebab shop – White Horse. They don’t have a dine-in area so we recommend you order takeout or home delivery then enjoy their incredible food at home. The reason why we featured them on this list is because we really love their food and order from them quite often.

The menu is smaller and only includes charcoal-grilled kebabs as well as burgers. If you don’t eat meat – don’t worry because they also have veggie kebabs such as their Falafel Kebab and a Halloumi and Falafel Mixed Kebab.

For all the meat lovers out there, we recommend their Chicken Doner, Chicken Kofte, Lamb Shish, and the Adana – all of which come with a salad.

Address: 336 Bethnal Green Rd, London E2 0AG