Turkish cuisine is delicious and it’s suitable for everyone. This is why our team enjoys eating Turkish food so much. We often go out and try out different restaurants and by now, we have found some amazing Turkish places in Edmonton that offer the authentic Turkish taste you are looking for!

So if you live in Edmonton and you are looking for a Turkish restaurant to visit and enjoy delicious food – we have made a list of our favourite places for you!

Kervan Sofrasi Edmonton

Kervan Sofrasi is a branch of Turkish restaurants that have locations in Wood Green, Southgate, and two restaurants in Edmonton. They are pretty popular and you have probably already eaten there, however, their Edmonton branch is one of our favourite Turkish restaurants there so we had to feature it in this article!

This restaurant is truly one of the best Turkish places in London. The venue is beautifully decorated, stylish and modern, and the food is incredible! They pay attention to every detail which is why every plate is carefully decorated! If you have never visited this restaurant then we highly recommend you go – you won’t be disappointed!

We love everything on their menu – from the incredible pides (Turkish pizza) and the doners to their meat and seafood traditional dishes!

Address: 80 Church St, London N9 9PB


Hilal Restaurant

Another amazing Turkish restaurant in Edmonton you need to visit! The food there is incredible – and the prices are pretty affordable in comparison to other Turkish restaurants in the area!

From cold starters to hot starters including incredible soups and all of their amazing main dishes, you can really taste Turkey on their menu!

We recommend their doners (chicken or lamb) that come with rice, couscous, and a salad!

Our team also really enjoys ordering their pide which is a special Turkish pizza that goes very well with their red olives with herbs starter!

Address: 229, 231 Fore St, London N18 2TZ


Capital Restaurant Edmonton

Capital Restaurant Edmonton is a very well-known restaurant offering Turkish food so if you have never gone there book a table whenever you have time and enjoy an incredible lunch or dinner!

The venue is really stylish and all dishes are beautifully decorated so put on your fancy clothes whenever you visit Capital Restaurant Edmonton!

We truly love everything on their menu – and you probably would need to visit a couple of times in order to try everything! For example, their Tabule (chopped parsley, fresh mint,
onions, tomatoes, cracked wheat,
olive oil, and a lemon dressing) and Russian salad (carrots, potatoes, peas, mayonnaise, and yoghurt) are our favourite starters!

They offer lamb kebabs, chicken kebabs, and all sorts of other delicious main dishes you will love!

Address: 271 Fore St, London N9 0PD


Mazhil Restaurant

This lovely little Turkish restaurant is focused on delivering tasty traditional dishes that are prepared from fresh ingredients which is the most important thing when making delicious food!

We love their charcoal grill – from Adana kebab, lamb doner, chicken doner to their chicken shish and chicken wings which always come served with rice and a salad!

They also have tasty traditional yoghurt kebabs that you need to try out!

Address: The Concourse, 20, London N9 0TY