Are you a huge fan of Turkish food? Then you are probably looking for the best Turkish restaurants in Hackney that you can visit.

Since our team loves Turkish food just as much as you do, we decided to share all of our favourite restaurants in the area that do offer delicious traditional starters, main dishes as well as desserts!

Our esteemed colleagues have scoured Hackney’s streets and discovered the most exquisite Turkish dining establishments, and we present to you the top four.



First on our list is Somine – a simple and casual Turkish restaurant offering delicious and traditional homemade Turkish food that you are going to love! What is interesting about this place is that they change their menu every single day so every time you go there, you will have different options. They want to deliver an authentic experience to every customer giving them a taste of Turkey – and usually, every meal in a Turkish household consists of a soup, a main dish, and then a dessert. This is why they offer different soups, main dishes, and desserts every day – so even if you do decide to go there a few times a week, you will be presented with completely different options!

Of course, they don’t change everything on their menu – there are a few things like the Charcoal grills and a few other main dishes that you can order every time you go! We also love the fact that all soups are served with bread and pickles which makes them even more delicious!

Address: 131 Kingsland High St, London E8 2PB


Stone Cave

Stone Cave is one of our favourite Turkish restaurants in Hackney which is why we highly recommend you visit whenever you have time. Not only is the food super tasty but the interior design of this place is extremely unique and interesting. It feels and looks like a cave… so you feel like you get the experience of dining in a cave which is pretty cool.

The menu consists of traditional starters like Homemade Hummus, Tarama Salad, Babaganoush (grilled aubergine with garlic, yoghurt, olive oil), Borek (pastry filled with spinach, feta cheese, mint served with a sweet chilli dip), Lambs Liver, and so much more.

Next, they have a few vegetarian main dishes, seafood and fish dishes as well as traditional Charcoal grills. We highly recommend their Lamb Beyti (minced lamb, red pepper, parsley, garlic, grilled on a skewer with rice, yoghurt, tomato butter sauce) as well as the Chicken Shish Kebab which is also served with rice and a salad!

When it comes to their desserts, we highly recommend ordering the Turkish Dessert Platter which includes a selection of traditional pastries like baklava served with a cinnamon ice cream.

Address: 111 Kingsland High St, London E8 2PB


Mangal 1

If you love Turkish food then you definitely need to visit Mangal 1 – an incredible traditional restaurant that has a simple decore and offers delicious kebabs!

They have a wide selection of hot and cold starters including your favourite Hummus, Cacik, Tabouleh, Stuffed vine leaves with rice, Falafel, and much more!

When it comes to their main dishes, we highly recommend you order a Tavuk Kanat (Grilled chicken wings served with a salad), Patlican Kebab (Slices of aubergine and minced lamb served with a salad), Sis Kebab (Marinated cubes of lamb grilled on skewers, served with a salad) as well as a Yogurtlu Tavuk Beyti (chicken, lamb seasoned with garlic, parsley, prepared with yoghurt and fresh tomato sauce with butter)!

And finally, don’t forget about their delicious desserts – the baklava and the rice pudding are our favourite!

Address: 10 Arcola St, London E8 2DJ


Anatolia Restaurant

And the last restaurant on our list is Anatolia – another incredible place where you can enjoy a delicious Turkish dish in a simple and casual setting, perfect for a quick lunch or a nice dinner with friends or family!

We love their Lentil soup in combination with a Russian salad and their Feta cheese pastry! We also highly recommend ordering their Piyaz salad (onions, sumac, pomegranate dressing) and the Grilled Halloumi!

Next on their menu are the delicious main dishes – our favourites are the Chicken Doner, the Lamb Chop Shish, and the Lamb Beyti – all of which are served with rice, a salad and bread.

Address: 251-253 Mare St, London E8 3NS