There are so many incredible Turkish restaurants located in Wood Green that it can be extremely hard to pick where to go enjoy lunch or dinner. This is why our team decided to make a list of all of our favourite Turkish places in the area and share it with you!

All of these restaurants are very popular and you have probably already been there, however, in our opinion, they are the most amazing places you can visit in Wood Green!

We have consulted our knowledgeable cleaning teams and have determined the foremost Turkish culinary establishments within the Wood Green vicinity.


Capital Restaurant Wood Green

The first Turkish restaurant on our list is the Capital Restaurant – one of the most popular Turkish places in Wood Green. We are certain you have been their plenty of times because the food is super tasty, the service is excellent, and the venue is beautiful. Our team also goes there pretty often!

We always start off with either a Sasik and Calamari or with Tarama, Falafel, and a Sigara Boregi.

We love their main dishes – especially all of their Kebabs. We often get the Adana Kofte, the Lamb Beyti, and the Chicken Doner but honestly – we love everything else on the menu as well!

Address: 1-2 The Broadway, High Rd, London N22 6DS


Kervan Sofrasi Restaurant

Next, we have a gorgeous restaurant with an incredible venue. Kervan Sofrasi is a split-level restaurant with traditional Turkish chargrilled meats on its menu. We recommend you visit because you will fall in love with both the food and the decor!

They have traditional starters – hot and cold ones, they have salads, pide, grilled meat, and even vegetarian dishes. We highly recommend the Corban Salata (salad with lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, herbs, parsley), the Chicken Shish, Lamb Chops, Adana Kofte Wrap, and the Sarma Chicken Beyti (marinated minced chicken with garlic, wrapped in lavash bread with cheese, topped with tomato sauce, butter – served with yoghurt and bulgur).

And don’t forget to order a dessert – they have delicious Baklava, Kazan Dibi (milk pudding), and Kadayif Dolma (stuffed pistachio kadayif with kaymak).

Address: 183 High Rd, London N22 6BA


New Crystal Restaurant

The next place on our list is another restaurant with stylish decor and, of course, an impressive menu and delicious food. This place was established in 2003 and they have been successful ever since due to the quality of food and service they provide!

On their menu, you will find soups, salads, traditional starters, kebabs, doners, Turkish pizza (pide), and much more. We love their pide, all of the kebabs, and the soups. We also highly recommend trying out the Halloumi Salad (with halloumi, cucumber, tomato, sweetcorn, red cabbage, olive, carrot, lettuce, red onion, dressing), the Yoğurtlu Adana (lamb, bread, tomato sauce, yoghurt, butter), the Lamb Doner, and the Halep Kebab (Adana kebab, onion, tomatoes, aubergine, butter sauce)!

And it wouldn’t be a fantastic Turkish restaurant if they didn’t offer homemade baklava, right? New Crystal has incredible desserts including not only baklava but Kunefe and Turkish Rice Pudding!

Address: 11 High Rd, London N22 6DS



And the last Turkish restaurant on our list is Tarshish – another very popular place that we love and go to whenever we are craving delicious Turkish food! The restaurant is across 2 floors and the menu includes not only traditional Turkish cuisine but also plenty of unique and creative dishes influenced by Mediterranean cuisine.

For example, they have Smoked Aubergine with pomegranate seeds and a yoghurt dressing, Passion Fruit Calamari with chilli and lime, Fried Halloumi with cherry jam, and plenty of other interesting options.

They also have incredible desserts you won’t be able to find anywhere else. We highly recommend the Magic Mushrooms (white chocolate mousse, raspberry coulis, forest fruits, almond biscuit) and the Profiterole with white chocolate
cream and dark chocolate sauce)!

Address: 16, 20 High Rd, London N22 6BX