Who doesn’t love Turkish cuisine? Our team certainly does! This is why we have been searching for the best restaurants in Teddington offering delicious traditional meals.

It turns out that you can find the best Turkish food in Teddington in a few takeout restaurants in the area – and today, we will share them with you!

Diners Delight

The first place on our list is Diners Delight – a Turkish restaurant that offers takeaway and home delivery. Unline the other places on our list, there is a dine-in area because, after all, it is a restaurant – not a takeout place, however, since the food is so incredible we still decided to feature them in our list!

On the menu, you can find all sorts of traditional hot and cold starters like Cacik, Tabouleh, Dolma (stuffed vine leaves with rice and herbs), Falafel, Sigara boregi (pastry filled with spinach and feta cheese), and plenty of other incredible Turkish mezes!

Their main dishes are also traditional – grilled meat served with rice, a salad, and homemade bread. We love the Teddington Mixed Kebab (lamb and chicken shish, lamb chop, spicy minced lamb kebab served with rice, salad, homemade bread) as well as the traditional Adana Kebab many love!

Address: 7 Church Rd, Teddington TW11 8PF


Charcoal Turkish Restaurant

Next on our list is an incredible takeout restaurant – Charcoal Turkish Restaurant. Honestly, it’s one of our favourite places to order Turkish food from because everything on the menu is super tasty and well-made.

We highly recommend you get their Kebabs in Pitta – especially the Chicken Doner in Pitta. Also, the Kebab Wraps are super tasty. If you want a wrap then definitely get the Adana Kofte Wrap!

If you do not eat meat then don’t worry – they have incredible veggie wraps as well! You can choose between their Grilled Halloumi Wrap Cheese and Salad, Falafel Wrap with Hummus and Salad, or the Falafel Halloumi Humus and Salad Wrap!

Address: 134 High Street Whitton, Twickenham TW2 7LL


Istanbul Barbecue

The next takeout restaurant on our list is the Istanbul Barbecue – another amazing Turkish restaurant offering the best traditional starters and main dishes.

We always start off with a Grilled Halloumi then move on to their Mix Doner Kebab or the Chicken Shish Kebab. If you are craving a salad then they have an incredible Mediterranean Salad (tomatoes, cucumber, red onion, parsley, feta cheese, olive oil, salt, lemon juice).

And last on the menu are the desserts – the Pistachio Sultan Wrap and the Vezir Parmagi are worth trying!

Address: 15 Broad St, Teddington TW11 8QZ


The Teddington Kebab House

And last on our list is The Teddington Kebab House – a place offering Turkish food at super affordable prices. What we love most about this place – besides the food, is that they have special meal deals.

For example, their Deal 1 is only £10.99 and it includes any small kebab of your choice, chips, and a drink.

We love their Chicken Doner as well as the Mixed Doner. Aside from their incredible Turkish main dishes, they also offer burgers which are also super tasty.

Address: 202 Stanley Rd, Teddington TW11 8UE