If you are a vegan then you are definitely searching for good restaurants that offer delicious food that you can eat… This is why we are going to share our favourite vegan restaurants in Bermondsey with you so that you know exactly where to go next!

Top 4 Vegan Restaurants In Bermondsey You Must Visit


ila Vegan & Veg

First on our list is ila Vegan & Veg which we consider heaven for everyone that is vegan. Their menu is super impressive and filled with unique, vibrant, and delicious dishes that you have to try.

For example, we highly recommend starting off with their Brazilian Tomato & Black Bean, Cashew & Quinoa (tomato, coconut milk, black beans, red peppers, jalapeno, cashew nuts, red rice, red quinoa, coconut flakes, agave, tomato paste, lime, garlic, ginger, coriander, vegetable bouillon, and chilli puree) or the Thai Red Vegetable Curry with Brown Rice.

Then you have to order one of their burgers – the Pulled Jackfruit BBQ Burger (jackfruit patty, onion, bbq sauce) is our favourite. We also really enjoy their wraps like the Avocado Falafel Wrap (with salad).

Address: Unit.2B, 125-131 Westminster Bridge Rd, London SE1 7HJ


Beza Ethiopian Food

Next on our list is an Ethiopian restaurant that only offers vegan and vegetarian dishes. We fell in love with the place because both the food as well as the interior is fascinating. Everything on the menu is super flavourful and seasoned to perfection.

We love their Misir Wot (red lentils, red onions, garlic, Ethiopian spices), the Tikil Gomen (white cabbage, red onions, garlic, turmeric), the String Beans (with carrot, garlic, turmeric), and the Ethiopian salad (tomatoes, red onions, sliced jalapenos, salt, lemon juice, olive oil).

Address: 8A Sayer St, London SE17 1FH


Zionly Manna

The next restaurant on our list is Zionly Manna – a very casual vegan place with tasty food, friendly staff, and overall excellent service.

When it comes to their main dishes, we recommend the Soya Chunks Curry, the Curry with Chickpeas, the Stir-Fried Rice, and the Mix Veg Stir Fry. On the side, you have to order Spinach Dumplings and the Dhal Roti Roti Skin (flatbread with spices).

They also have Dumplings with Oats and Coconut as well as ones with a banana!

Address: Rye Lane Indoor Market, 41, 48 Rye Ln, London SE15 5BY



And last but definitely not least is Naifs – yet another incredible vegan restaurant that you will fall in love with. The interior is very simple yet the menu is super unique and interesting.

Keep in mind that the menu is set and there are five courses. Starting with Fried king oyster mushroom with garlic mayo then moving to grilled artichokes (with smoked almonds and peas) as well as radicchio with avocado and truffled sunchoke. The fourth and fifth courses include BBQ potatoes with sweet mustard and a Smoked lentils pate (with fig jam, pickles, and bread).

Address: 56 Goldsmith Rd, London SE15 5TN