You might be surprised but a huge portion of our team is indeed vegetarian and since we know that a lot of our readers also do not eat meat, we decided that it’s time to share some of our favourite vegetarian restaurants in Wembley that we recommend you visit. These places are also suitable for vegans!

And if you do eat meat, we still encourage you to try something new and go to these places. You will be surprised at how delicious and creative vegetarian dishes can be!

Top 4 Vegetarian Restaurants In Wembley According To Our Team


Dosa Express

First on our list is Dosa Express – a lovely little vegetarian restaurant which menu is focused on Indian and Sri Lankan food. They have incredible options and their food is super tasty.

Starters include Punjabi Samosa (with peas and potatoes), Mogo Chips, Chilli Mogo, Chilli Paneer, Chilli Garlic Mushroom, and other interesting and delicious vegetarian options that are also suitable for vegans.

When it comes to main dishes, we usually get the Special Curry Cheese Masala Dosa, Vegetable Hot and Sour Soup, any of their Pav Bhaji Dosa (they have a lot of options), the Vegetable Biryani, a delicious Vegetable Schezwan Rice, Chutney Onion Dosa, or Cheese & Salad Dosa.

Address: 547 High Rd, Wembley HA0 2DJ



Next on our list is another casual little restaurant offering only vegetarian Indian dishes – from starters to main dishes, everything is made with fresh seasonal veggies and traditional spices.

Starters include Mogo Chips, Onion Pakoda (served with green and tamarind sauce), Vegetable Samosa, Lilwa Kachori (pastry with peas, spices), and our favourite – the Paneer Tikka (with yoghurt, tandoori masala, ginger, garlic, Indian spices)!

For your main dish, we highly recommend the Chole Bhature (chickpeas cooked in tomato and onion gravy with Indian spices), the Krishna Special Hakka Noodles (with vegetables, garlic, ginger, chilli, special Chinese sauce), the Palak Paneer (spinach, cheese cubes, garlic, ginger, tomato, onion, gravy, spices), and the Cheese Kaju Curry Masala (cashew nuts, ginger, garlic, gravy, cheese)!

Address: 590 High Rd, Wembley HA0 2AF



Sakonis is definitely the most popular and loved vegetarian place in Wembley – and since their food is so incredible we skip featuring them on our list! They specialize in making Indian and Chinese dishes so their menu consists mainly of traditional food from these two cusines.

We really enjoy their Punjabi Samosa (with spicy vegetable stuffing, served with tamarind and coriander chutney), the Kachori (pastry filled with lentils, served with tamarind and coriander chutney), and the Avocado hummus toast (with cherry tomatoes)!

When it comes to their main dishes, and you prefer Indian cuisine over Chinese food, you can never go wrong with a Bhel Puri (rice, papdi, vegetables, tamarind, coriander, and garlic chutney), the Avocado Chaat (smashed avocado, spices, and chutney).

And if you love Chinese food more then go for the Chilli Tofu, Hakka Noodles, Schezwan Noodles (with sweet and sour schezwan sauce), or the Chilli Paneer Wrap!

We highly recommend you get a Mango Lassi with your food as well as their Gulab Jamun for dessert (Indian doughnuts)!

Address: 127-129 Ealing Rd, Wembley HA0 4BP


Vegan Hub

And last but definitely not least is Vegan Hub – a lovely little casual yet stylish restaurant that offers both vegan and vegetarian food. We discovered this place a few months ago because it isn’t that popular, however, we must say that their food is delicious and quite different from what all the other vegetarian restaurants in Wembley offer.

The star of the show is definitely their vegan burgers! Our favourite burger of theirs is the Where’s The Beef (with a homemade vegan patty, lettuce, tomato, vegan smoked cheese, caramelised onions, gherkins, ketchup, mustard, served with fries).

We also recommend their wraps – especially the Falafel wrap (with lettuce, tomato, cucumber, onions, garlic aioli, hummus) and the Pulled Jack Wrap (BBQ pulled jackfruit, lettuce, coleslaw)!

Address: 5, Carlton Parade, Preston Rd, Wembley HA9 8NE