As many of you know, Monster Cleaning is the leading provider of all kinds of cleaning services in London such as End of Tenancy Cleaning, One-Off Cleaning, and even Regular Domestic Cleaning.

Our team is experienced, trained, and equipped with the best cleaning supplies on the market that provide excellent results and spotless surfaces. We always test the newest cleaners that come out so that we can be up to date with the best ones and incorporate them into your cleaning routine.

Today, we decided to share our favourite all-purpose cleaners that you can buy and use when cleaning your home – and you will know that everything on the list is recommended by professionals.


Top 5 All-Purpose Cleaners Of 2022 That We Recommend

– Flash All-Purpose Liquid Cleaner

This all-purpose cleaner is very powerful and was even given the title of “UK’s number one floor cleaner” – and our team does agree with this statement.

This product isn’t only suitable for floor cleaning but it can be used on different surfaces throughout the house – from cleaning your kitchen sink that has hard water stains all over it to removing the build-up and grease from your stovetop. It’s great for dissolving grease and removing dirt. It’s also great for removing limescale so you can use it for cleaning your bathroom.

We love that it can be used with cold water and it still gives excellent results and leaves floors, sinks, stoves, and just about anything else you clean with it shiny and sparkling.

The available scents include Lemon, Cotton Fresh, Blossom & Breeze, and Lavender.


– Cif Professional All Purpose Cleaner

Another great product we recommend for everyday use is the Cif Professional All Purpose Cleaner. It can be used for cleaning your kitchen, bathrooms, floors, and just about anything else in your home.

In general, it’s designed for cleaning hard unpolished floors because it’s quite gentle yet super powerful in removing dirt, dust, and other impurities.

We also love that it’s inexpensive yet you get a 5-litre bottle that will last you at least a few months when used on regular basis.


– Method Antibacterial Spray Refill, All Purpose Cleaner

Third on our list is the Method Antibacterial Spray Refill which is not only an all-purpose cleaner but also a disinfectant because it kills 99.9% of the bacteria. If you are looking for a great 2-in-1 product that will both clean and disinfect then this is your cleaner.

This product is made with plant-based and biodegradable ingredients.

It’s suitable for cleaning almost everything in your home except natural stones such as marble so if you have marble floors or a marble kitchen counter then do not apply it because it will damage the surface.

Other than that, we recommend using it for cleaning your kitchen sink, faucets, your bathrooms, floors, etc.


– Ecover All Purpose Cleaner

This product is vegan, made from plant-based and biodegradable ingredients that work very well in removing grease, grime, and all sorts of impurities.

In general, we recommend you use it on surfaces that you can rinse and have been treated such as tiles, hard floors, bathrooms, and kitchen sinks.

Since this cleaner is very powerful, we do recommend you either dilute it with water or use with a damp cloth.


– Fabulosa Antibacterial Disinfectant Spray, All Purpose Multi Surface Cleaner

This is the product we recommend to people who have kids or pets and need a 2-in-1 cleaner that doesn’t only cleans and lifts dirt but also disinfects. In fact, this product is a great sanitizer that prevents the spread of bacteria.

This cleaner is vegan and is our go-to for surfaces that are really dirty because it’s great at removing dirt and grime with little product.

It smells great and is not only suitable for cleaning your home but also your car. Yes, we do recommend it for regular use inside your car – it will be spotless and will smell great at all times.