Looking for the best Chinese restaurants in Ilford where you can enjoy a delicious lunch or dinner?

Well, since our team loves Chinese food and we often go out trying different restaurants, we have decided to share our favourite places in Ilford with you!

The topmost quintet of Chinese dining establishments one must partake in whilst traversing through the grand vicinity of Ilford.


Mandarin palace

Starting off our list with one of the best Chinese restaurants in Ilford – Mandarin Palace. The venue is authentic and beautiful – with lanterns, traditional ornaments, and paintings everywhere. Of course, aside from the amazing interior design of this place, the food is the star of the show! Many people say that Mandarin Palace offers the best dim sum in Ilford – and we couldn’t agree more!

They offer all sorts of traditional Chinese food which is why their menu is so big. This is another reason why we love going to Mandarin Palace so much – because you will be able to find a lot of things you enjoy eating no matter your taste since the menu is so diverse.

Our team highly recommends you try their Shredded Pork Chow Mein, the Spicy Special Chow Mi Singapore Style, the incredible Steamed King Crab with Egg White & Rice Wine Sauce as well as their Roasted Duck with Orange Sauce.

Of course, another favourite of ours is the Dim Sum – after all, we really believe that they do make the best dumplings in Ilford!

Address: 559-561 Cranbrook Rd, Gants Hill, Ilford IG2 6JZ


Firecracker Canteen

Firecracker Canteen is a simple Chinese restaurant offering incredible food which is why you need to visit them!

Since we have been to this restaurant plenty of times, we usually always start our order with their Garlic Chilli Prawn and the Crispy Squid starters. Also, they have delicious traditional soups – the Hot and Sour Soup with prawns is our favourite!

Next, we move on to their main dishes. You can find all sorts of main meat dishes – duck, chicken, beef, seafood as well as a few vegetable options and, of course, Dim Sum!

We love the Roast Duck with Blackbean Sauce, the Classic Nyonya Chilli Prawn and the Chicken Kimchi Gyoza!

Address: Unit 1C Iscene Centre, Clements Rd, Ilford IG1 1BP


Wok Wala Street Kitchen

Wok Wala Street Kitchen is founded by three childhood friends that shared the same interest and passion for Chinese food. What we love most about this restaurant is the fact that you can create your own rice or noodle box depending on your preferences in three easy steps. You just simply pick the ingredients you want in your box.

The first step you take is to choose the base – egg noodles, basmati rice, brown rice, and quite a few other options. Next, you choose the filling – they have different meats as well as tofu and vegetables if you are vegetarian or vegan! And finally, you get to choose the sauce you want. They have plenty of options like Lemongrass paste with Coconut, Thai Green Curry, etc.

Address: 733 High Rd, Seven Kings, Ilford IG3 8RL



East Ocean

East Ocean is a takeout restaurant that doesn’t have any dine-in area but since they have such delicious food we decided to feature them in our list – after all, the thing you are looking for is tasty Chinese food, right? You can both choose takeaway or home delivery!

The menu is a bit overwhelming at first because there are 163 dishes in there, however, you will quickly be able to decide what you want based on your preferences because the menu is divided into sections.

We really enjoy their Sweet & Sour Chicken, Mushroom Chop Suey, Chicken with Oyster Sauce, Crispy Shredded Beef with Chilli, and the Mussel in Black Bean Sauce. Since there are quite a lot of dishes, we have yet had the chance to try everything – but the ones we have ordered, we loved!

Address: 724 Eastern Ave, Newbury Park, Ilford IG2 6PE


Oodles Ilford

Oodles is a family-run restaurant first established in 2010 – and they have been serving delicious Chinese food ever since!

Their concept is similar to Wok Wala Street Kitchen which we previously talked more about. You get to create your own “box” which is pretty exciting and is a perfect way to be able to cater to everyone’s taste. You get to choose a base, the filling, and the sauce.

We highly recommend you give their garlic rice base a try because it’s super tasty and goes well with any of the filling and sauces!

Address: 231 Ilford Ln, Ilford IG1 2RZ