Not many people have tried French cuisine which is pretty surprising since everything is delicious – from their incredible onion soup, cheeses to their “Coq au vin” (meaning rooster in wine), Boeuf bourguignon, and a lot of other dishes that are worth trying.

Also, they have amazing wines and desserts that are a great combination with your main course!

Aside from the amazing food, French restaurants are often very stylish and will make you feel like you are in Paris the second you walk in. This is why we recommend you go to a French restaurant after a long day at work and simply forget all of your worries.


This amazing family-run restaurant established in 1969 has modern and colourful decor with an amazing hidden garden you can enjoy your meal at! Visiting this place during the summer is definitely a must due to this beautiful garden that will make you forget you are in busy London!

They change up their menu every season because they work with fresh seasonal vegetables. They are focused on providing European cuisine rather than just French dishes, however, they do have some traditional French options!

Their main menu is pretty large with some unique and creative options. They also have a special Vegetarian menu as well as a Children’s menu where you can find healthy dishes your kid will love!

Address: 106 Camden Passage, London N1 8EG


Le Sacre Coeur

Le Sacre Coeur is a small intimate bistro that is perfect for a romantic dinner. This restaurant is one of the oldest French places in the area!

Everything on the menu is very tasty and well-made. You cannot miss their traditional Soupe à l’Oignon (onion soup) as well as their delicious garlic bread. Also, they have amazing Calamars Frits (fried calamari served with a homemade tartar sauce and rocket leaves).

When it comes to their main course section on the menu, you can choose from a wide variety of traditional French dishes as well as some interesting alternatives. Their Coq-au-vin is divine (chicken, smoked bacon, mushrooms, shallots, carrot, garlic, and red wine sauce served with sautéed potatoes).

They also have a section with vegetarian dishes!

If you have room for desserts, we recommend their Crème Caramel or their Crème Brûlée!

Address: 18 Theberton St, London N1 0QX


La Petite Auberge

La Petite Auberge is a beautifully decorated small restaurant offering authentic French cuisine – the perfect place to visit after a long day at work or when you want to plan the perfect dinner date!

We highly recommend their Escargots A L’Alsacienne which is basically snails served with lemon, garlic butter, and parsley as well as their Friture de Blanchailles (deep-fried whitebait with tartar sauce and mixed leaves). These are the perfect starters to share!

When it comes to the main dishes – everything is incredible! The Saucisse de Toulouse (grilled sausages with dijon mustard sauce and mashed potatoes) are really tasty as well as the fish dishes which you need to try!

La Petite Auberge also has an amazing desserts menu where they offer all sorts of traditional desserts – amazing crepes, creams, and some cakes!

Address: 283-284 Upper St, London N1 2TZ


Le Mercury

Le Mercury is an incredible French restaurant that is split into three floors. Not only is the food delicious but the prices will also amaze you. You can’t really find authentic French cuisine at prices so affordable anywhere in London! But don’t let the low prices make you think that this place won’t offer fresh well-made food because they are one of the best French restaurants in Islington!

For starters, we highly recommend their Foie Gras which is only £7.90 as well as their Choux de Crab (profiteroles with crab
and Citrus Hollandaise) for £ 5.90 only!

They also have a lot of starters and main dishes that are vegan and vegetarian!

Address: 140a Upper St, London N1 1QY



Bellanger is a nice Parisian-styled restaurant that will certainly make you feel like you are in France. From the incredible decor of the venue to the excellent service and amazing food, we highly recommend you visit this place!

They have a special Brunch menu as well as an All Day menu. Whenever you have a day off, we highly recommend visiting Bellanger in the morning so you can experience their amazing Brunch menu where you can find crepes, porridge, toasts, eggs, and all sorts of delicious breakfast dishes.

On their Main menu, you can choose from incredible French salads, eggs, fish, meat, and cheese with crackers that go very well with their wine!

Address: 9 Islington Green, London N1 2XH