Want to have Indian food for lunch or dinner? Don’t worry – we got you. Our team loves Indian cuisine and we often go our trying out new restaurants just to see which one we like best. We look for that authentic rich flavour – and since we know you are looking for that as well, we decided to gather all of our favourite Indian restaurants in Lewisham in this article, so that you know exactly where to go!

In Lewisham, we have scoured the city for the finest Indian cuisine and compiled a list of the top five restaurants that you simply must indulge in.


The Spice of Life Indian Cuisine

The Spice of Life Indian Cuisine is an amazing restaurant with a cosy venue. The decor is old-school yet it’s still stylish. They also offer home delivery and takeout so if you don’t feel like going there and you just want to order something – you can do that!

Our team really enjoys going to this place not only because the food is extremely tasty but because the staff is incredible – they are friendly and welcoming, ready to help any customer which is very important in our opinion.

They serve traditional Indian cuisine – from delicious Lamb Tikka to a mouthwatering Tandoori Chicken Biryani!

If you are a vegetarian or vegan then don’t worry because they have a whole page on their menu with vegan and veggie dishes. Also, they offer three vegetable side dishes that change every single day since they use seasonal vegetables to prepare them – fresh and delicious!

Address: 260 Lee High Rd, London SE13 5PL


The Darjeeling Restaurant

The Darjeeling Restaurant offers fantastic Indian food you definitely need to try. They also offer takeaway and home delivery!

All dishes are prepared with fresh ingredients and the best spices. We often get their Onion Bhaji (fried spices onion balls), their Lamb Tikka, and the Chicken Peri Peri (served with rice).

Also, we highly recommend you order the Karai King Prawn, Pistachio Korma, and their Lemon Rice as a side dish!

Address: 134 Lee High Rd, London SE13 5PR


The Madras Restaurant

It’s a pretty small restaurant – but don’t let that stop you from visiting or ordering takeout because the food is incredible! The interior of this place is simple yet modern and they focus on the quality of the food they offer.

They provide a mix of Indian food and Sri Lankan cuisine so you have a lot of interesting dishes to choose from!

They also offer vegetarian dishes which are very tasty – try their Vegetarian Thali!

Address: 244 Lewisham High St, London SE13 6JU


Ladywell Tandoori

This restaurant was established in 1982 and they offer some of the best Indian food in Lewisham which is why we definitely recommend you visit!

Ladywell Tandoori not only provides quality Indian food that is well-made but the prices are also affordable. Also, we need to mention how friendly the staff is which makes the experience of going even more pleasant (also, you can order takeaway).

Address: 81 Ladywell Rd, London SE13 7JA



Himalaya is a restaurant with a rich history since it was established in 1972. They serve authentic Indian cuisine in combination with affordable prices.

Today, we want to focus on their menu since every single dish is incredible – well-made with fresh ingredients and unique spices!

Their Biryani is fantastic – our favourites are the Himalaya Special Biryani and the Lamb Tikka Biryani. They also offer incredible curries – and they have a long section in their menu dedicated to all the curry dishes they have. Our favourites are their King Prawn Dansak, King Prawn Pathia, Chicken Curry, and the Lamb Madras which comes with a delicious lemon sauce!

Address: 393 Lewisham High Street, Lewisham, London, SE13 6NZ