There are so many amazing Japanese restaurants in Mayfair that it can be hard to choose where to go grab lunch or dinner. Our team is a huge Japanese cuisine lover – just like you, and we are very picky when it comes to the flavour of those traditional dishes.

This is exactly why we have decided to share our favourite Japanese restaurants in Mayfair with you so you know exactly where to go next without wasting too much time!


Cubé is an incredible Japanese restaurant that you need to visit. The food is super tasty and well-prepared. Also, they pay attention to the smallest detail – even the presentation of each dish. On top of that, the staff is really friendly and professional – and the interior design of the restaurant is incredible. It’s one of our favourite Japanese restaurants in Mayfair!

On their menu, you will find all sorts of sushi rolls, sashimi, maki rolls, fish main dishes, meat main dishes, salads, and even soups!

We highly recommend starting off with either the Kaiso salad with seaweed and sesame dressing or with sushi or maki rolls. Also, don’t miss out their Kani cream croquette (creamy crab meat croquette) and the Teriyaki Salmon.

And finally, definitely order dessert – the Matcha ice cream, the Tuzu sorbet, and the Mochi ice cream are incredible!

Address: 4 Blenheim St, London W1S 1LB


ROKA Mayfair

ROKA is a beautifully decorated sophisticated Japanese restaurant you will definitely want to visit at least once. The prices aren’t cheap, however, the experience of going to ROKA is amazing. The food is super delicious and the service is excellent!

On their menu, you will find sushi and sashimi as well as snacks, salads, and tempura. All of these things are super delicious, however, we want to focus on their Robata Grill because most people do visit ROKA because of all the incredible robata grill dishes they offer. For example, we highly recommend the Suzuki no yuzu-shiso fuumiyaki – seabass with yuzu-shiso and ginger seaweed salad and the kankoku fu kohitsuji – lamb cutlets with Korean spices!

Address: 30 N Audley St, London W1K 6ZF



Next on our list is Kiku – another high-end Japanese restaurant that you are going to love! The interior has stone floors and natural wooden furniture – super simple yet stylish. Kiku was established in 1978 and has been a very popular spot ever since.

We love their sushi – they have a huge selection of nigiri and sushi rolls that every sushi lover is going to appreciate!

They have a special Lunch menu as well as Dinner menu where you can also find noodles, rice soups, affordable Lunch or Dinner sets, and all sorts of appetisers, and other traditional main dishes!

Visiting Kiku and eating there is definitely an amazing experience which is why we highly recommend you go whenever you are craving authentic Japanese cuisine!

Address: 17 Half Moon St, London W1J 7BE


Chisou Sushi and Izakaya

Chisou is a gorgeous restaurant serving authentic Japanese dishes. The reason why we love this place so much is that they really take Japanese hospitality to the next level and make sure they make every guest feel welcomed. Of course, the food is also super tasty!

Now, when it comes to their menu, the first things you will see is their small sharing plates and their salads. We highly recommend trying out the Maguro Tataki (apple smoked seared tuna with onion sauce) and the Chisou’s Classic Horenso Salad (baby spinach salad, spicy prawns. yuzu dressing).

Next, they have sushi rolls, sashimi, noodles, soups, grilled fish, deep-fried dishes, pan-fried dishes, and tempura. We are certain you will love the menu and you will probably have a hard time picking what to order because everything is so delicious!

Address: 22-23 Woodstock St, London W1C 2AR



And last on our list is Tokimeite – another high-end super stylish Japanese restaurant offering incredible traditional dishes, however, they have added a small European twist to some of their food in order to create a truly unique and authentic taste and experience.

We highly recommend starting off with Lobster and Cauliflower (steamed lobster and marinated cauliflower with Tosazu vinegar). Next on their menu, you will find fish and seafood main dishes, incredible sushi rolls and sashimi, meat dishes, and tempura.

If you are vegan or you simply enjoy tofu then they even have homemade tofu on their menu for you to enjoy!

And finally, don’t forget to leave room for dessert because they have an incredible Black Sesame Cheesecake!

Address: 23 Conduit St, London W1S 2XS