Having marble floors or marble kitchen counters is a great way to make your space look luxurious and stylish. But as you know, marble is super expensive – and if you indeed have it in your home, you need to take proper care of it.

As the leading cleaning company in London, Monster Cleaning knows how hard cleaning marble can be. This natural stone is easily damaged and can completely be ruined if you apply a cleaner that is acidic. This means that you must always use products that are specifically designed for marble surfaces.

We have tried a lot of different products – and we want to share the ones that work excellently and will protect your marble surfaces. Below, we have created a list of our top 5 marble cleaners that we recommend you use.


Top 5 Marble Cleaners You Should Use In 2023 So You Avoid Damage

– Kilrock Granite and Marble Cleaner Spray

One of the best marble cleaners that we have ever used is the Kilrock Granite and Marble Cleaner Spray. The formula is professional and will properly clean all granite and marble surfaces in your home.

It’s non-toxic and biodegradable. The formulation is streak-free and very gentle yet it still manages to leave the surface spotless and remove grease and stubborn stains. You can use it on your marble floors or countertops regardless if they are matt or polished.

This product is easy to use – just shake the bottle, spray on the surface you want to clean, wipe with a damp cloth, and then buff with another cloth that is dry.

Keep in mind that the fragrance of this product is lavender and we know some people are allergic to it.


– Guardsman Stone Care Daily Cleaner for Natural Stone

Another great way to clean your marble surfaces without damaging them is by using the Guardsman Stone Care Daily Cleaner for Natural Stone. This product will properly remove all impurities without leaving streaks or spots behind.

The pH is balanced which makes it safe to use daily.


– Weiman Stone Tile and Laminate Cleaner

Our team also really enjoys the Weiman Stone Tile and Laminate Cleaner which is a product created for removing dirt, dust, grease, and stains from any marble surface.

The formula is streak-free and safe. The product is indeed natural and created from plant-derived ingredients which make it safe to use if you have pets or kids.

What we really like about this product is that you can use it to easily clean your floors because it can be filled in your spray mop.


– Howard Granite Marble Cleaner for Stone Surfaces

Another great non-acidic marble cleaner we recommend you try is the Howard Granite Marble Cleaner for Stone Surfaces. It’s perfect for sealed granite and marble.


– HG Natural Stone Cleaner 38

The HG Natural Stone Cleaner 38 is designed to be used on a regular basis so the formula is gentle and non-toxic yet powerful enough to get rid of any stain, grease, dirt, and debris.

You can use it in your hall, dining area, kitchen, bathroom, and any other room that has marble surfaces.

It is designed to be used on marble floors which is why there is quite a lot of product in the bottle. You can use it on its own with a cloth or dilute it with water in your spray mop.