Mediterranean cuisine is incredible – tasty, authentic, and diverse. This is why we decided to gather all of our favourite Mediterranean restaurants in Chiswick and feature them in this list – so you know where to go and enjoy a delicious lunch or dinner!

Top 5 Mediterranean Restaurants In Chiswick According To Our Team



First on our list is Kalamari – an incredible Greek restaurant serving authentic delicious Mediterranean food. The interior of this place is lovely – with plants and vine leaves all over the walls and ceiling as well as a beautiful amphora placed near the entry of the restaurant.

Their starters include Taramasalata, Tzatziki, a Greek Salad, Grilled Halloumi Cheese, Greek pork sausage, and many more options you are going to love!

Next on their menu, you will find Charcoal Grilled Meat like a traditional Chicken Souvlaki, Sheftalia (minced beef), and a Chicken Kebab.

They also have other Greek main dishes – our favourites are the Kleftiko (lamb shoulder, served with rice), Moussaka (layered roasted vegetables, minced lamb, bechamel cream), Stuffed Kalamari with spinach. mushroom, rice), and tge Stuffed Vine Leaves!

If you don’t eat meat then go for a Vegetable Kebab (charcoal-grilled vegetables, rice), a Chickpea Burger (Chickpea patty, vegan tzatziki, red onion, homemade pickles), or the Vegetarian Mousaka!

Address: 4 Chiswick High Rd, Chiswick, London W4 1TH



The next Mediterranean place on our list is Avanti – a Spanish Bistro Bar offering traditional tapas in combination with incredible drinks – from wines and beers to unique cocktails! It’s a lovely little restaurant with wooden furniture, wooden floors, brick walls, huge windows, white curtains, and beautiful chandeliers. The staff is friendly, the atmosphere is cosy and welcoming, the food and drinks are fantastic – a great place to visit with friends during the weekend!

We highly recommend their Fabada Asturiana (Spanish Butter Bean Stew with Chorizo, Bacon and Onion), the Stuffed Vine Leaves, the Croquetas de Chorizo (with Chorizo), the Chorizo al Vino Tinto (Chorizo cooked in Red Rioja Wine), the Gambas Pil Pil (Tiger Prawns in Garlic Butter, Chilli), and the Pollo Picante (chicken skewers with peppers, onion, chilli)!

Keep in mind that they also have pizza and salads so if you are really hungry you can get one of their delicious pizzas!

Address: 4, Bedford Corner, S Parade, Chiswick, London W4 1LD


Lara Restaurant

Next, we have a Turkish restaurant called Lara. We can’t really make a list for Mediterranean restaurants and not include a Turkish place, right? Our team is a huge lover of Turkish food – and we know most of our readers are as well!

First on their menu, they have all of the traditional hot and cold starters. We highly recommend Tabule (Finely chopped parsley, tomatoes, onions, fresh mint, cracked wheat, olive oil, lemon juice), Kisir (Cracked wheat, peppers, parsley, spring onions, olive oil, lemon juice, tomato paste), their Lentil soup (served with bread), or the Borek (pastry filled with feta cheese, spinach).

But, of course, don’t go crazy with the starters because you definitely want to leave room for the main dishes! We love all of their Charcoal Grilled Meat – after all, Turkish cuisine is heavily focused on the charcoal grill! We also really enjoy the Chicken Iskender (which is a chicken doner with bread, yoghurt, tomato sauce)!

And finally, definitely order their homemade Baklava for dessert!

Address: Bedford Park Corner, 4 Turnham Green Terrace, Chiswick, London W4 1LS


Villa di Geggiano

And now it’s time to feature an Italian restaurant. Villa di Geggiano is definitely our favourite Italian place in Chiswick. The venue is incredible – beautiful, bright, with local art covering the walls, lovely vintage upholstered chairs and sofas as well as an outdoor seating area! It truly is one of the most beautiful restaurants in the area!

But, of course, this beautiful interior isn’t the only thing that Villa di Geggiano has to offer! Their food is fantastic!

Definitely order a Cauliflower Soup (served with Sourdough Croutons), the Grilled Tiger Prawns Skewers (Marinated With Olive Oil and Chili), and the Tuna Tartar (with Ginger, Sesame Dressing, Mustard, a Salad, served with Homemade Bread)!

We also really like their pasta – in fact, we think it’s the most delicious pasta in Chiswick!

And, of course, don’t forget to leave room for their “Dolci” (desserts)!

Address: 66-68 Chiswick High Rd, Chiswick, London W4 1SY



Last on our list is Tarantella – another Italian restaurant that you need to visit whenever you are craving pizza or other traditional meals! It’s a lovely little place that offers fantastic food and excellent service. They use only fresh ingredients and they even have plenty of vegan and vegetarian options since they wanted to make sure every visitor will be able to enjoy a nice lunch or dinner! Keep in mind that they do not serve pasta!

We highly recommend your start off with their Mozzarella Pomodorella (mozzarella marinated in sundried tomato pesto) or with Imperata di Cozze (mussels with garlic, black peppers, lemon served with homemade bread)!

Next on their menu, they have delicious pizza as well as a few other traditional dishes like Roasted Italian pork sausages and Herbes crusted sea bass fillet!

They also have great desserts – of course, our favourite is their Tiramisu!

Address: 4 Elliott Rd, Chiswick, London W4 1PE