Mediterranean cuisine is very diverse, unique, and full of flavour which is why we love it so much. Today, we decided to gather all of our favourite Mediterranean restaurants located in Enfield and share them with you!

Top 5 Mediterranean Restaurants In Enfield According To Our Team!


Marcus Kitchen & Bar

First on our list, we have an Italian restaurant – Marcus Kitchen & Bar. It’s a lovely little restaurant that we love visiting quite often. The chef has more than 25 years of experience and he delivers incredible dishes you need to try!

We always start off with their Insalata di Mare (salad with octopus, squid, prawns) but, of course, they have plenty of other incredible traditional starters.

The main dishes include delicious pasta and risotto as well as a few seafood and meat main dishes. Keep in mind that in Marcus Kitchen & Bar, they do not serve pizza!

Of course, they offer incredible desserts so make sure you leave room for the Cheesecake with pears and ricotta cheese!

Address: 16 Burleigh Way, Enfield EN2 6AE


Irmak Restaurant

Next on our list is our favourite Turkish restaurant – Irmak Restaurant! We are certain you are going to fall in love with the incredible food always prepared from fresh seasonal ingredients, the beautiful interior of the venue as well as how friendly the staff is! If you have ever been to Turkey, you know how the people there are known for their hospitality. Well, Irmak will transport you to Turkey for sure!

Of course, the first thing on their menu is cold and hot starters including Cacik (Cucumber, mint, garlic, yoghurt), Feta Cheese, Hummus, Grilled Cyprus halloumi cheese, and Falafel!

When it comes to their main dishes, they offer incredible Chicken and Lamb Doner, Adana Kofte, Lamb Shish, Iskender Kebab (lamb doner served with pitta bread, butter, tomato sauce, yoghurt), and plenty of other traditional options all of which are served with rice, a salad, and bread!

Address: 170-172 High St, Ponders End, Enfield EN3 4EU


Aksular Enfield Town

Aksular is another favourite Turkish restaurant of ours that is located in Enfield. It’s also one of the most popular Turkish restaurants in the area – and we aren’t the only ones that love going there! In fact, you have probably already dined there, however, we couldn’t miss out and not feature them on our list.

Hot starters include Falafel, Sigara Boregi (pastry filled with feta cheese, tomato, parsley), chargrilled beef sausage, and much more. The cold starters include Kisir, Hummus, Stuffed vine leaves with rice, etc.

They also offer incredible soups – our favourite being the Lenti soup, and salads!

Main dishes include traditional charcoal-grilled kebabs all of which are served with couscous and bread, Turkish Pizza which is called Pide, wraps, and plenty of other meat and seafood dishes like Moussaka we all know and love!

If you have room for dessert, go for their Baklava or Rice Pudding!

Address: 8-10 Silver St, Enfield EN1 3ED



We can’t really make a list with all of our favourite Mediterranean restaurants and not mention a Greek place, right? Well, next on our list we have a lovely Greek restaurant called Babinondas. With such a beautiful interior, friendly staff, and tasty food, we are certain that Babinondas will become your next favourite restaurant!

First thing on the menu is all of the hot and cold starters. Our favourites are Tzatziki (Yoghurt, Cucumber, Mint and Garlic), the Charcoal Grilled Halloumi, the Stuffed Vine Leaves, and the Grilled Spicy Beef Sausage!

The main dishes are traditional – and full of flavour. We highly recommend their Souvlaki (grilled meat), the Moussaka, and the Sheftalia (Pork Mince, Onions, Parsley)!

Of course, we also love their seafood and fish dishes especially the Octopus and the Tsipoura!

Address: 598 Green Lanes, London N13 5RY


Mama’s Pita

And last on our list, we have another Greek restaurant – Mama’s Pita. Keep in mind that they have a very small dine-in area so you might want to order takeout and enjoy their delicious food in the comfort of your own home. Mama’s Pita is a very popular place that many love – including our team!

Their menu is focused on Greek street food including souvlaki and gyros pitta wraps. All of their pitta bread is handmade which shows how dedicated they really are to delivering quality food!

Definitely start off with their starters – Feta Moussa (served with pitta bread), Tzatziki, Halloumi Fries, different salads, etc.

When it comes to their main dishes – we recommend everything on the menu because it’s all super delicious. Choose between souvlaki, gyros wraps, and Grilled Boxes (includes everything that they put in gyros but it’s not wrapped in the bread, it’s inside a box)!

Address: 183 Chase Side, Enfield EN2 0PT