It’s officially summer which means that people are craving light and delicious meals prepared with vegetables, fresh seafood, and lots of flavours.

In our opinion, Mediterranean cuisine is perfect for those summer days and since our team is a huge fan of all Mediterranean food we decided to make a list of our favourite restaurants in Islington – so you can book a table and enjoy a fresh salad and a nice seafood meal!

Mem & Laz Brasserie

Mem & Laz Brasserie is a beautiful restaurant with handmade mosaic chandeliers that offers Mediterranean cuisine and we highly recommend you visit this place because the food is incredible!

Aside from their main menu, they offer a Brunch menu, a lunch menu, and a Children’s menu so you have one for almost every occasion!

In their Brunch menu, you can find delicious options. We recommend the Mediterranean Brunch which includes two slices of grilled halloumi, grilled lamb sausage, fried or scrambled eggs, a roasted tomato, roasted peppers, mushrooms, toasted bread, hash brown or chips depending on your preferences) as well as their M&L Mediterranean Breakfast (feta cheese, a sausage, tomatoes, cucumbers, a boiled egg, green and black olives, jam, honey, and butter, Turkish bread).

In their Main Manu, we recommend starting off with a Mix Mezze (hummus, diced aubergine, tzatziki, kisir, filo parcel, grilled halloumi, vine leaves dolma, and bread). Then, we usually get the Tagliatelle and Chicken Fillets (made with white wine, rocket leaves, mushrooms, and a cream sauce).

And finally, keep in mind that their desserts are incredible which is why we advise you to leave room for a nice Homemade Baklava!

Address: 8 Theberton St, London N1 0QX


Ottolenghi Islington

Ottolenghi Islington is a stylish and chic deli/ restaurant that you can go to to have Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner. Aside from amazing pastries and cakes, you can enjoy tasty Mediterranean cuisine!

Everything on the menu is unique and pretty interesting which is why you definitely need to visit Ottolenghi Islington!

Ottolenghi Islington is a place known for its salads. We recommend their Crushed peas with sorrel and mustard, mixed seeds.

Address: 287 Upper St, London N1 2TZ


PERA Bistro

PERA Bistro is a small restaurant that offers Turkish cuisine. The venue has warm decor with exposed bricks which makes it feel really welcoming and cosy. The chef who is also the owner of PERA Bistro has over 15 years of experience and he has a mission – to deliver authentic Turkish and Meditteranean cuisine to London!

In their menu, you can find salads, delicious burgers, wraps, and other delicious Traditional main dishes!

For example, we love the Lahmacun Topped With Chicken & Cheese (flatbread, minced lamb, chicken, cheese, onions, mixed peppers), the Pera Classic Burger (Angus Beef, lettuce, tomato, caramelized onion) as well as the Chicken Kebab Wrap!

Address: 170 Upper St, London N1 1RG


Fig & Olive

This stylish restaurant has plenty of unique and creative Meditteranean food to offer. Everything on the menu is delicious and well-made which is why we recommend you visit Fig & Olive!

In the starters section on the menu you can find unique things – for example, the Homemade Raviolo (Lobster, crayfish raviolo, sautéed wild spinach, herbs, creamy lobster sauce), the Oriental Duck Salad as well as Provencal Mussels!

The main dishes are focused on seafood – mussels, different fish, lobster, prawns, salmon. The Tuna Steak is our favourite (with roasted peppers and beans, mango salsa).

Fig & Olive also have vegetarian and vegan options on their menu!

Address: 151 Upper St, London N1 1RA


The Blue Legume

The Blue Legume is an incredible restaurant with a beautiful venue that fits the theme of the Mediterranean menu.

They offer Breakfast – of course, the Mediterranean Breakfast is worth trying. They also have a section on their menu with Fruit Breakfasts which is really interesting – their Acai Bowl is really delicious!

As main dishes, they offer salads, burgers, wraps, and much more! We recommend the Falafel Salad (rocket leaves, pumpkin seeds, halloumi, chickpea, roasted tomato, hummus, beetroot, pita bread) and the Kofte (grilled meatballs with fries and a salad)!

Address: 177 Upper St, London N1 1RG