Mediterranean cuisine is definitely one of our favourites which is why our team can often be spotted in Mediterranean restaurants all over Mayfair. We love discovering new places that offer delicious food and an incredible experience in general.

Today, we decided to share all of our favourite Mediterranean restaurants in Mayfair with you!

Sofra Restaurant Mayfair

First, on our list today is Sofra – an incredible restaurant in Mayfair offering Turkish cuisine you definitely need to try! Not only is the food delicious but the staff is super friendly and the overall service is excellent which makes Sofra worth visiting!

Our favourite starters are the Halloumi Cheese (served with cherry tomatoes and olive oil), the traditional Falafel as well as the Tabbouleh Salad (parsley, mint, bulgur and tomato).

Next on the menu, you will find delicious Sea Food and Fish main dishes like Black Cod and Octopus served with spicy sauce and basmati rice. There is also traditional grilled meat all of which are served with rice and a side salad.

Address: 18 Shepherd St, London W1J 7JG



Rüya is another amazing Turkish restaurant we highly recommend you visit. The menu consists of traditional starters and main dishes, however, they have a modern and unique twist to them.

For example, you have to start off with their Börek (pastry filled with feta, carrot, courgette, walnut). Normally, it has only feta cheese, however, Rüya has added more ingredients! We also really enjoy the Dolma (wild mushroom ragout, fennel, oregano) and the Çiğ Köfte (beef tartare with bulgur, baby gem).

Next, you will find pide and Lahmacun, grilled meat, traditional Kebabs, and a few other unique main dishes like the Keşkek (risotto, pulled lamb, spices).

They also have gluten-free options as well as a vegan and a vegetarian menu.

And make sure you leave room for dessert. We highly recommend their Fırın Sütlaç (rice pudding with raspberries, rose ice cream, lokum)!

Address: 30 Upper Grosvenor St, London W1K 7PH


Noura Restaurant

Noura is a beautiful Lebanese restaurant that we highly recommend you visit. You will be left amazed at how delicious everything is as well as how nice the staff is.

First, on their menu are the hot and cold starters called mezze. Our favourite cold starters are the Warakenab Vine Leaves (vine leaves filled with rice, tomato, parsley), the Fattoush (mixed salad, lettuce, tomatoes, mint, sumak, fried Lebanese bread), and the Bastorma (Thin slices of spicy smoked beef). Then our favourite Hot starters are the Grilled Kelaj (Lebanese bread filled with halloumi cheese, tomatoes) and the Sojok (Fried spicy lamb sausage).

Next on their menu, you will find delicious main dishes including Chicken Chawarma (marinated chicken roasted on a skewer), Loubieh With Lamb and Rice (green beans, lamb, tomato served with rice), and a Sea Bass (with Tahineh sauce).

And, of course, leave room for dessert. We love their Maamoul (pastries filled with walnut, pistachios, dates or almonds) and their Mouhallabieh (a traditional Lebanese Pudding).

Address: 16 Curzon St, London W1J 5HP


May Fair Kitchen

May Fair Kitchen is one of our favourite high-end Mediterranean restaurants in Mayfair. The interior design is stylish and really beautiful, the food is incredible, and the service is excellent. Their menu consists of Spanish and Italian traditional starters and main dishes.

They have a special Breakfast menu making May Fair Kitchen the perfect brunch location. You can find fresh fruit, yoghurt, eggs, Açaí bowls, croissants, and a lot of “Breakfast Cocktails” like a Breakfast Martini and Bloody Mary!

Their À La Carte menu consists of delicious starters, main dishes, and desserts. We highly recommend the Italian Carpaccio (black pepper-crusted beef with truffle and parmesan) and the Chicken fettuccine Alfredo. The Spanish Roasted chicken skewers and the Orange and avocado salad are also incredible!

They also have a Vegan menu as well as a special Vegetarian menu you are going to love.

Address: Stratton St, London W1J 8LT


Amaranto Restaurant

Amaranto is another high-end sophisticated Italian restaurant in Mayfair. It’s located in the Four Seasons Hotel in London. The design is modern and really beautiful – and they even have a garden area.

If you love caviar then you will be surprised because they offer three different ones – Royal Beluga, Acipenser, and Oscietra.

On their menu, you will find traditional salads and starters – the Caesar Salad and the Beef Carpaccio are an amazing combination to start with.

Then they have pasta, grilled meat and fish, as well as a few other traditional main dishes. We highly recommend the Lobster Linguine (with a spicy shellfish sauce)!

Address: Hamilton Pl, London W1J 7DR