Who doesn’t enjoy Mediterranean cuisine? It’s so diverse, delicious, and full of colour – and every dish is light which makes the food perfect for summer.

Since our team loves Mediterranean food, we decided to share all of our favourite restaurants in Walthamstow that do offer Mediterranean cuisine – so you know exactly where to go!

Gokyuzu Walthamstow

Starting our list today with a Turkish restaurant called Gokyuzu. It’s a pretty well-known spot in Walthamstow and many people love going there because the food is super tasty.

If you are a Turkish cuisine lover just like us then you will definitely enjoy Gokyuzu! The owners are Turkish and they use traditional recipes from their families making every dish on the menu unique and delicious!

You can never go wrong with ordering a Lentil soup then moving on to a starter like Tabouleh (bulgur, parsley, fresh mint, pomegranate, red onion), Kisir (wheat, celery, mint, herbs and tomato sauce) or Sucuk and Arnavut Ciger! Then you definitely need to have their Charcoal Grills or a Pide (Turkish traditional pizza)!

And last but not least – leave room for desserts especially their Bakvala!

Address: 42D Selborne Rd, London E17 7JR


Güneş Restaurant

Next on our list is another incredible Turkish restaurant that you are going to love. The interior design is super stylish, the staff is always friendly, the food is incredible, and the overall service is excellent which is exactly what we are looking for in a good restaurant!

On their menu, you will find starters, traditional Charcoal grills, main dishes, salads, soups, and a lot of seafood and fish dishes.

We highly recommend starting off with a Chicken Caesar Salad or a Traditional Greek Salad (cucumber, tomato, red onions, feta cheese, olives, lemon juice, olive oil) combined with your favourite traditional Turkish starter.

And it wouldn’t be a Turkish restaurant if they didn’t offer an incredible selection of desserts – from their baklava and kenefe to even the famous Ferrero Rocher ice cream everyone loves!

Address: 328 Hoe St, London E17 9PX



And it wouldn’t be a Mediterranean restaurant list without featuring a Greek restaurant, right? If you are just like us and you love Greek cuisine then definitely head to Helios – the best Greek restaurant you can visit in Walthamstow!

You can choose between delicious Souvlaki Pita Wraps, Kalamaki, gyros, and homemade dips. We love their Tzatziki and Spicy Feta Trokafteri dips. Then we either move to a Lamb Gyros (with onion, tomatoes, tzatziki, cheese, and homemade french fries) or to a Chicken Gyros.

Address: 42 St James St, London E17 7PE


Orford Saloon Tapas Bar

Next on the list is a Spanish restaurant offering delicious tapas and traditional food. Their mission has always been to deliver a little piece of Spain to Walthamstow… and we can all agree that they have definitely succeeded!

They offer plenty of cold tapas (including ham and cheeses) as well as traditional hot tapas like Croquetas de Jamon, Patatas Bravas (with spicy tomato sauce), Albondigas (pork and beef meatballs in a tomato, red onion, and pepper sauce), etc. They also have delicious fish and seafood as well as paella.

Aside from all the delicious food they have, on their menu, you will also find incredible wines that go perfectly with all the tapas!

Address: 32 Orford Rd, London E17 9NJ


La Cafeteria

And last on our list is La Cafeteria – a lovely Italian restaurant offering fresh pasta, risotto, and delicious pizzas!

They have a special Breakfast menu as well as a Lunch menu both of which are filled with delicious options. In the Breakfast menu, you will find things like Stuffed Croissants, Smoked Salmon Breakfast (with seasonal vegetables, a side salad, scrambled eggs, brown toast), French Toasts, Pancakes, etc. In the Lunch menu, they have Wraps and Baguettes all of which are served with a Greek salad, incredible Mediterranean salads, seafood and fish main dishes as well as a few Italian choices.

And the main menu is where all the delicious Italian cuisine is. We highly recommend the Linguine Pomodoro (with a tomato and basil sauce), the Mushroom Risotto, the Gnocchi Puttanesca (tomatoes, anchovies, black olives, tomato, chilli, and basil sauce) as well as all of their pizzas!

Address: 841-843 Forest Rd, London E17 4AT