Cleaning tiles can be a challenge. But can this time-consuming and exhausting chore become easier? Can you avoid scrubbing for hours yet still have spotless tile? The answer is yes, you can. All you really need is a reliable and powerful cleaning product to use that is going to do all the work for you and lift stains and impurities without you having to do much.

Monster Cleaning is a professional cleaning company with over 14 years of experience – and we have cleaned thousands of bathrooms so we know which tile cleaners are worth using. Today, we will share our favourite ones with you.


Top 5 Tile Cleaners Our Team Recommends You Use In 2023

– SRP X-Treme Heavy Duty Tile Stone Grout Cleaner

One of our favourite tile cleaners is SRP X-Treme Heavy Duty Tile Stone Grout Cleaner. It is alkaline which means that it’s safe to use on any kind of tile. It’s powerful and will remove soap scum, hard water stains, impurities, mildew, and even residue from surface treatment so if you renovated your bathroom and placed new tiles – it will leave them spotless.


– Fila PS87 Pro Concentrated Tile Grout and Stone Cleaner

Another great tile cleaner that we recommend you buy is the Fila PS87 Pro Concentrated Tile Grout and Stone Cleaner. It’s a product that professionals use yet it’s easy to find and use. It will leave the tiles spotless – as if a professional cleaned them.

It’s excellent for removing dirt, stains, and all sorts of impurities, even wax residue.

This product is labeled as a 3-in-1 cleaner because it is also a degreaser. If you have tiles in your kitchen that need to be taken care of you can tackle the grease and oil build-up with them.

This cleaner is meant to be diluted with water for daily use, however, if the tiles in your home are in really bad condition, we recommend you skip diluting it and use it straight from the bottle in order to tackle even the most stubborn stains.


– LTP Grimex Tiles Restorer

Another excellent cleaner that our team uses frequently is the LTP Grimex Tiles Restorer – and its superpower is removing grime. Due to its powerful formula, it’s great for both indoor and outdoor surfaces.

It will restore old tiles, remove grime, and get rid of bacteria, wax, and any kind of stains you are dealing with.


– Faber Tiled Flooring Heavy Traffic Degreaser

Next on our list is the Faber Tiled Flooring Heavy Traffic Degreaser. This product easily dissolves dirt, loosens up stains, and removes grime, grease, etc.

Just like the previous product on our list, the Faber Tiled Flooring Heavy Traffic Degreaser is a great choice for old tiles that are covered in build-up that should have been removed months or years ago. It is a very powerful degreaser and it’s very easy to use. Plus, it’s suitable for all tiles so you can use it without worries.