Our team loves Turkish food – and we know that you do too! We also know that you are looking to find the best Turkish restaurants in Walthamstow because you are craving delicious kebabs and a pide… Well, this is exactly why we decided to share all of our favourite Turkish restaurants in the area with you!

We have compiled a list of the finest Turkish eateries in Walthamstow that we highly recommend you indulge in.



The first place on our list is Gokyuzu – one of our favourite restaurants in the area! It’s definitely the most popular Turkish place in Walthamstow which means that you probably know of it and you have already visited it if you are a huge Turkish cuisine lover.

But if this is the first time you are hearing about Gokyuzu then we highly recommend you book a table and go because the food is incredible! The owners are from Turkey and they have stated that they have “borrowed their families’ traditional recipes” so they could use them in their restaurant. That way Gokyuzu is able to offer to their visitors authentic mouth-watering Turkish dishes!

We love their Lentil soup, Halloumi Salad (with pomegranate dressing), Chicken Shish, and Sarma Tavuk Beyti. Of course, they have plenty of other incredible starters and main dishes!

Address: 42D Selborne Rd, London E17 7JR


Cinar Grill

Next on our list is Cinar Grill – a small and casual restaurant with a simple decor that offers delicious Turkish food. Not many people know of this place which is why we had to feature it in our list. Aside from delicious food, the prices are affordable, they offer takeout and home delivery, the staff is always friendly, and they use fresh ingredients. This makes Cinar Grill the perfect place for a quick lunch or dinner.

They offer plenty of traditional starters like Cacik and Tarama. Their main dishes consist of kebabs, wraps, lahmacun, and they even have delicious burgers.

Address: Hiltongrove Business Centre, 166 Hoe St, London E17 4QH


Teras Restaurant

Another favourite Turkish restaurant of ours is Teras. It’s simple and casual while the food is super well-made and tastes amazing. Of course, the staff is always friendly and the overall service is excellent which is exactly what we are looking for in a good restaurant! So if you are wondering where to go and eat traditional Charcoal Grill then definitely head on over to Teras!

They have these incredible Platters for sharing with cold and hot starters that also get served with couscous, bread, mixed salad, onion salad, chilli sauce, and garlic sauce we highly recommend you order before you get a main dish.

Address: 117 Wood St, London E17 3LL


Yasar’s Kitchen

Yasar’s Kitchen is a lovely restaurant with a great menu with traditional Turkish dishes we all love. It was established in 1976 which gives them a lot of experience in the field – and this is probably why Yasar’s Kitchen is indeed such an incredible restaurant that we keep going back to whenever we are craving Turkish food!

They have a selection of hot and cold mezes like Humus, Ezme, Yaprak Dolmasi (stuffed vine leaves with rice, dill, nuts, herbs), Sucuk, Falafel, etc. They also have Meze Platters which are suitable for sharing.

Their Charcoal grills are super tasty and we highly recommend them to you – and they also get served with a salad and rice.

Address: 8 Blackhorse Ln, London E17 6HJ


Güneş Restaurant

And last on our list is Güneş – another beautiful restaurant with not only a fabulous interior but with an incredible traditional Turkish menu. We know you are going to love this place which is why we recommend you book a table!

Not only do they have starters, Charcoal grills, traditional Turkish main dishes, soups, salads, seafood and fish but they also have a special Breakfast section on their menu as well as a Lunch section.

Another reason why we love Güneş Restaurant is that they offer incredible desserts like Baklava, Kunefe, a Ferrero Rocher ice cream, etc.

Address: 328 Hoe St, London E17 9PX