Greek cuisine is extremely tasty – from fresh seafood, amazing salads, and light dishes, you really can’t go wrong with ordering Greek food.

This is exactly why we decided to make a list of our favourite Green restaurants in Camden Town so that you too can enjoy a nice taverna (meaning: traditional Greek restaurant)!

Andy’s Greek Taverna

This family-run traditional Greek restaurant was established in 1967. They want all of their customers to feel like they are part of a big Greek family as soon as they walk inside the restaurant which is why they offer amazing homemade dishes using only fresh ingredients!

The restaurant is lovely with a decor that you can find in a place located in Greece – a great way to transport every guest into sunny Santorini, for example.

“A little taste of Greece in Camden Town” – the perfect description of Andy’s Greek Taverna! Their cold starters are a must – for example, the tarama dip (salted cod roe dip with olive oil and lemon juice) as well as the Houmous.

We also suggest you get the Pastourma (beef sausage
seasoned with wine and black pepper).

A great traditional option for your main dish is their souvlaki!

Address: 23 Pratt Street Camden, London NW1 0BG



Karavas offers authentic home-cooked Greek dishes – from salads and cold starters to delicious grilled meats and main dishes enriched with Mediterranean flavours!

All of their starters are served with pita bread which is incredible since most are dips. (houmous, tzatziki, tarama, etc.).

Our team loves the Dolmades (rolled vine leaves with rice, herbs, and meat served with a salad) and the Moussaka (potatoes, minced meat, aubergine, bechamel sauce served with a salad).

They also have a lot of main dishes for vegetarians like their Vegetarian Kebab or the Vegetarian Moussaka – all of which also come with a salad.

Address: 87-88 Plender St, London NW1 0JN


Daphne Restaurant

This amazing taverna is considered a “culinary landmark” by many due to the amazing atmosphere, tasty traditional Greek food, and the decor – walls filled with photos of Cyprus! It was established in 1984 and it has a rich history!

From their delicious dips, starters, and salads to such well-made main dishes, Daphne Restaurant is definitely one of our favourites!

Make sure you order their Pork Souvlaki and Beef Stifado (beef, onion, pepper, tomatoes, red wine).

They also offer daily specials which are always fresh and tasty!

Address: 83 Bayham Street, London NW1 0AG


Alexander The Great

This restaurant has such amazing decor – the venue is filled with statues and indoor vines which is something you definitely need to see (and possibly take pictures).

They use fresh and flavourful ingredients for every single dish – from the cold starters to the salads and all main courses. They have carefully made the menu so it has something for everyone.

All cold starters are traditional – and extremely tasty. You also need to order the Halloumi since it’s so tasty (grilled Cyprus goat’s cheese). Also, the Spanahopitta (pastry with spinach and feta cheese) is incredible!

Address: 8 Plender Street Bayham Street, London NW1 0JT


Yamas Greek Cuisine

Fani, the owner of Yamas Greek Cuisine, was born and raised in Greece. She says that she left the country once she was sure that her mother and grandmother taught her all of their cooking secrets so that she could, later on, share them with her customers and leave them amazed at how tasty Greek food is!

She has focused the menu on signature Greek grills such as gyros and skewers all of which come served with chips, a salad, a dip, and pitta bread.

She also offers delicious wraps – the Pork Skewer Wrap is amazing (tomato, onion, chips. tzatziki) as well as other traditional Greek food such as moussaka and spanakopita!

Address: 42 Camden High Street, London NW1 0JH


ELIA – Greek Street Food

Have you ever wanted street food that is both delicious and healthy? Well, ELIA – Greek Street Food is here to offer you the best Greek street food in Camden Town!

Vasilis and Dimitris – the owners, are born and raised in Larissa, Greece, and they wanted to share the amazing taste of their country by introducing Londoners to traditional Greek street food!

You can grab amazing souvlaki wraps as well as boxes filled with skewers, chips, lettuce, carrots, red cabbage, tomatoes, parsley, onions, a sauce of your choice (they are all homemade) and pitta bread!

If you are in a hurry or you just want to taste Greek street food then we highly recommend you go to ELIA!

Address: Unit 2.05, Buck Street Market, 192-198 Camden High St, London NW1 8QP