Many people think that being vegan equals only eating boring food, however, this simply isn’t true. Over the past years, vegan food has become extremely advanced, the recipes are interesting and creative. In most cases, you won’t even be able to make a difference between a real chicken and well-made tofu.

A small part of our team is indeed vegan and since we are known for always trying out different restaurants in London, we decided to share some of our favourite vegan places in Camden that offer unique and tasty food. We suggest you pick a restaurant, grab a friend, book a table and enjoy a quality vegan delicious meal!

Mildreds Camden

Mildreds Camden is an extremely successful restaurant that also has locations in Soho, King’s Cross, and Dalston.

The interior of Mildreds Camden is spacious and stylish but the main focus is on the food – everything on their menu comes beautifully decorated on the plate. All meals are vibrant and colourful, filled with flavour.

They have three different menus – one Breakfast menu, one Weekend Brunch menu, and one All Day menu.

In their breakfast menu, you can find some pretty interesting and unique meals – like the Kimcheeze Toastie (smoked vegan cheese, kimchi, gochujang mayo).

We recommend you visit Mildreds Camden during the weekend so you can try their Weekend Brunch menu. We advise you to try their Mezze Brunch (scrambled bean tofu, salad, smoky grilled aubergine, vegan feta, hummus, apricot harissa, and a garlic pita)!

Now, when it comes to their All Day menu, you can try extremely interesting meals that you won’t be able to find elsewhere. Start off with getting the Mango Ranchero Nachos (mango ranchero, mango pico de gallo, vegan cheese, jalapeño sour cream) as well as the Kiri Hodi (coconut and curry leaf sauce, sweet potato, green beans, peas, tomato
coconut sambal, toasted coconut cashew).

They also have amazing burgers as well as great desserts you definitely need to try!

Address: 9 Jamestown Rd, London NW1 7BW


VBurger Camden

VBurger offers amazing plant-based burgers in Camden Market. The owners, Amir and Reuven, have a property business together, however, they felt inspired to try something new and open their own restaurant offering delicious vegan street food.

All of their burgers are served in a white seeded bun and come with a fresh salad. A gluten-free bun is also available.

Their Green Falafel Burger (chickpeas, coriander, parsley, onion, garlic, lettuce, tomato, dill gherkins, red onion, spiced harissa mayonnaise and tahini) is very good!

Address: 215 – 216, Camden Lock Market, Chalk Farm Rd, London NW1 8AF


Purezza Camden

Craving vegan pizza that is delicious? Want to try out something new and see whether vegan pizza tastes just like the normal one? Well, Purezza Camden is the first vegan pizzeria in the UK and you can both order takeaway or book a table!

They first opened in Brighton in 2015. Since then, they have opened restaurants in Bristol, Camden, and Manchester.

Not only is their food plant-based and organic but most of the decoration in their restaurant is made with recycled materials which are really impressive!

Address: 45-47 Parkway, London NW1 7PN


What The Pitta Camden

Turkish cuisine looks really tasty, however, it’s not vegan-friendly. This is why the owners of What The Pitta Camden – Cem and Roj, decided to create a unique Vegan Döner Kebab that is just as tasty as the traditional kebab so people who don’t eat meat or dairy can still enjoy the taste of Turkey!

Their Vegan Döner Kebab consists of freshly made flatbread, lettuce, onion, tomato, pickled red cabbage, hummus, tzatziki, and jalapeno. They also offer a special Döner Chipbox as well as Mezze Box with Doner which is also worth trying.

Address: 89-91 Bayham St, London NW1 0AG


Rudy’s Vegan Diner

Want to eat vegan junk food? Well, Ruby’s Vegan Diner will leave you amazed at how many amazing meals they can offer you – from burgers, hot dogs, wings, mac ‘n’ cheese, nachos, mozzarella sticks, and all sorts of other delicious options!

This is one of the best vegan restaurants in Camden – and we are certain that even people who eat meat will enjoy everything on the menu.

You have to get The Ultimate Rudy’s Dirty Burger (soya beef mince patty, vegan bacon, vegan cheese, onions, lettuce, tomato, pickles, sauce), the Push N Pull (pulled vegan porc, vegan cheese, onions, gravy, jalapenos).

Also, don’t miss out on the Mozzarella Sticks (with marinara sauce) and the Nacho Chilli Cheeze (corn nachos, jalapenos, cashew nut sauce).

Rudy’s Vegan Diner also has a small shop offering vegan meat and cheese.

Address: 729-731, Camden Stables Market, Chalk Farm, London NW1 8AH


Temple of Seitan

Again, another amazing vegan restaurant that offers delicious food (even non-vegans will enjoy it). The staff is extremely nice and their burgers are extremely tasty.

Some of our favourites are the Grilled Chick’n (grilled BBQ seitan, coleslaw, BBQ sauce, pickles).

Aside from delicious burgers, they offer Fried Chick’n (fried seitan), and wraps.

Address: 43 Parkway, London NW1 7PN


Neat Burger Camden

“Clean green burgers” – this is exactly what Neat Burger Camden offers. Excellent service, affordable prices, great atmosphere, and most importantly – delicious food!

If you do decide to go there, we recommend you try their Smoke Stack Burger (double meat patty, lettuce, pickles, onion rings, jalapenos, white onions, mayo, BBQ sauce, and vegan gouda cheese).

Also, they have burger bowls if you don’t want to eat burger buns. The Chick’n Burger Bowl is really good (lettuce, tomatoes, avocado,
chicken, garlic mayo, onions, vegan bacon).

Address: Camden Lock Market, 44b-46, Chalk Farm Rd, London NW1 8AF


Magic Falafel

Magic Falafel really is a magical restaurant because the food is so good. They use only fresh ingredients that are locally sourced. The secret ingredient they use in their food? They cook with love!

On their menu, you can order Falafel Pita (pita filled with salads, tahini, falafel, homemade hummus), The Magic Box (salad of choice paired with homemade hummus and chickpeas), or side dishes like sweet potato fries, hummus bowls, aubergine boxes. and more.

You can also enjoy vegan ice cream and vegan brownies!

Address: Unit 312-313, Camden Lock Market, London NW1 8AH