curry-stainYou may like spicy food but you definitely would not enjoy cleaning up the stains that some of the spices leave. Curry for instance is very noticeable and at the same time – hard to remove.

When the stain is on your clothes:

It would be best if you try to remove it at the very minute, using a detergent and washing it once again afterwards.  You could treat the persistent stains with more aggressive solution but before you do, make sure that it is suitable for the specific fabric so it won’t ruin your clothes.

When the stain is on your carpet:

Again, speed is essential. Treat the curry with a talcum powder or a stain remover, then wash with an appropriate shampoo. Rinse and dry.

When the stain is on your upholstery:

Follow the same procedure as described above for getting stains off the carpet.

In every case, always read the manufacturer instructions if there are any, before you do anything. Then proceed with a small test patch. If any doubt, consult a professional cleaner.