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Upholstery CleaningVibrant coloured, playful patterned upholsteries really liven up any interior design and keep the room looking fresh and welcoming. Upholsteries though are usually made of sensitive natural or synthetic fabrics which are quite susceptible to staining and soiling. As such, they require specialised cleaning as delicate upholstery fabrics don’t handle conventional cleaning methods too well.

The average upholstery is in almost daily contact with the human body, needless to say pets also like to spend an hour or two on the upholstery when their owners aren’t around. This results in hairs, fur, dead skin cells, body odours and body oils being deposited all over the upholstery. Another common hygiene problem for many types of upholstery is pungent kitchen odours and cigarette smoke. Combine all these with daily exposure to dust, pollen and bacteria and you got one dirty, smelly piece of fabric that needs to be cleaned ASAP.

Our specialised upholstery cleaning service is the efficient, safe and practical way to maintain delicate upholstery fabrics clean and fresh without risk of damage to their appearance and properties. The cleaning systems we apply are perfectly safe and suitable for all types of natural and synthetic upholstery fabrics. Perhaps the only problem we cannot reverse is sunlight damage (fading and brittleness of the fabric) as it is considered permanent. Apart from that, we will deal effectively with soiling and staining without too many issues.

The cleaning technicians will review the state and type of soiling/staining sustained by the upholstery and in turn choose the most effective yet sparing way to clean it. Should the need be there to pre-treat stubborn/old stains the cleaners will do so using only a small amount of solvent which shouldn’t affect the fabric itself.

Monster Upholstery CleaningThe equipment we use is industry grade and allows for effective cleaning of all sides of the upholstered piece of furniture. There are no limits as to how small or how big upholstery we can clean – we will be able to clean effectively all sizes upholsteries on all sides, this also includes those tricky nooks and crannies where grime and dirt like to accumulate. In most cases, we can clean the upholstery without removing it from the furniture piece itself. The entire cleaning process takes place onsite, in the comfort of people’s home or office – this makes the service all the more convenient and hassle-free for our customers.

Monster Cleaners recommend subjecting upholstered furniture to professional cleaning at least once every six months as this would keep the fabric and its colours looking better and feeling fresher for longer. The upholstery cleaning is available as standalone or in combination with another service we offer like window cleaning for extra coverage and more value for money. Generally, the service is moderately priced and able to meet specific budget requirements set forth by customers. Upholstery cleaning appointments are booked for all days of the week.

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Satisfaction Statements

Dalian Salmon


We are a cleaning company too that strive on standard and quality services to our clients. We've reached out to Monster Cleaning for help with an oven clean. Our expectation was nothing less than satisfactory and high standard. They delivered. Great professional service from customer service to field job. Before and after pictures provided and updates during the cleaning process. Definitely use again and highly recommend.

Peter-Joseph Hegarty

Peter-Joseph Hegarty


I was very happy with the service (oven cleaning) provided by Monster Cleaning Services. The young man who cleaned my oven was very conscientious and methodical in stripping it down and cleaning it, and was most helpful in explaining various points to me. In addition, Stan (in the office) gave me useful links for replacement parts and advised me on pricing. All in all, I would be happy to use Monster again.

Jonathan Hann

Jonathan Hann


The service was phenomenal. Couldn’t be more impressed by the quality of the cleaning. Paid for an ‘end of tenancy’ service and carpet clean. Everything was spotless and the showers, fridge, freezer and oven (which was wrecked) looked brand new. Customer service were helpful and efficient - all round brilliant service i couldn’t recommend more highly.