EthereumAre you an Ethereum user? Don’t you think that it’s time for the new phase to come to reality? Ethereum’s development has had some major changes throughout the years. This cryptocurrency that launched in 2015 experienced its first major improvements in 2016 called the Homestead phase and the major big thing then was the increased transaction speed.

As many users know, the current phase is called Metropolis. A very important feature of this phase is the ability to provide information without revealing the actual information itself which is very helpful from a security point of view.

The next step is the Ethereum 2.0 or as many call it – Serenity which will improve every aspect of this crypto and all of the problems that users are faced with will be fixed.

When is this next phase set for?

Justin Drake, a researcher at the Ethereum Foundation, mentioned January 2020 as the release date. From this statement, we have gathered that the first phase of development of Ethereum 2.0 should have already been started last month (July 2019).

Another thing that Justin said was that they still have a lot of time left this year so they think that early 2020 is a very realistic date.

Danny Ryan, a former member of the Ethereum Foundation added that the date has not been discussed yet. He says that they have not yet started testing and that at each stage of development there are many uncertainties.

In order to allow Ethereum 2.0 to work properly, the Ethereum Foundation members believe that it will be necessary to put a provision of at least 2 million Ether into Serenity.

But for now, let’s focus more on Ethereum

Until the time comes and we are sure on the exact date of the release of Serenity our focus should remain on Ethereum. If you are an active user and you are wondering about what you can spend your crypto – we have the answer for you.

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