Monster-Accepts-CryptocurrenciesCryptocurrency? By now probably everyone in the world who has internet or television has heard of cryptocurrency, bitcoin or similar, but are they here to stay?

Bitcoin has made a name for itself as a new currency over the last couple of years and more people use it on a daily basis. Some know a lot about it, some use it, and some have only heard of it. It seems like everyone has an opinion about cryptocurrency – some love it and some hate it. There is a lot of good press and a lot of scams related to cryptocurrency, for which it receives a ton of bad press as well. We believe it would be easier to adapt cryptocurrencies if there are more places to spend it.

There are many companies that have started accepting payment with bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies over the last years.

Some of these companies in London are:

– The Academy for Distance Learning
You can not only study any matter where you are but you can pay with bitcoin.
– Bells & Whistles
For those of you that need to plan a wedding.
– C W Sellors
Looking for luxury watches and handmade jewelry?
– City Cigars
This online cigar shop will let you pay them with the virtual currency.
– Diadem Jewellery
Want to gift something to your wife? Now you can pay using bitcoin.
– Gamesplanet
Searching for games at affordable prices?
– iTech Repair
They will repair your electronics in no time while you pay them with bitcoin.
– Swat Marketing
They will design and print flyers, brochures, and posters for you.
– Plumb & Bath
This bathroom and heating store now accept the cryptocurrency.

The full list of companies that accept crypto payments in London is probably a lot bigger and we hope it continues to grow, and we are happy to announce that we too became part of the list and we are proud to say that now you can pay for our services using crypto. That’s right Monster Cleaning now accepts IOTA, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Etherium, Lite Coin & USD Coin.

If you haven’t heard about us, we are a cleaning company based in London that offers a variety of different services for the home. You can trust us and our team of fully trained, certified, and insured cleaning technicians that use only industry-approved powerful equipment. We guarantee you will be left happy with the result.

We have something to offer you

We have special offers for anyone using Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, USD Coin, and IOTA. Absolutely anyone that has decided to pay with any of the listed currencies above will receive a 10% off of their booked service with us between the period of:
Bitcoin – 23-08 July-August
Bitcoin Cash – 08-15 – August
Ethereum – 15-22 – August
Litecoin – 22-29 – August
USD Coin – 29-05 – August-September
IOTA – 05-12 – September