Window CleaningMany people understand and appreciate the importance of properly cleaned windows but don’t really have the time, energy and means to invest hours on end in tough and demanding cleaning chores like window cleaning. Once again Monster Cleaning provides the solution to this predicament – our professional window cleaning service is the quick, efficient and inexpensive way to keep all windows throughout the property sparkling clean without having to invest any effort or hefty sums of money.

Since window cleaning is a specific cleaning process which requires a lot of patience and elbow grease, we work with experienced cleaners specially skilled in window cleaning. Speed and results are essential when it comes to window cleaning – after all even small blemishes are clearly visible on window glass or pane, which means we must provide a service without margin for error. In order to do this, we apply professional grade cleaning systems and materials – different windows are made of different finishes and materials, this requires an individual approach toward each type of window. Our cleaners will choose the most appropriate products and materials in order to clean the window glass and framing to an industry standard finish without risking damage such as scratches, clouding etc. Special care and attention will be paid to those stubborn blemishes like bird droppings and water streaks which are both such nuisance to remove properly. Our cleaners will pre-treat specific issues and ensure complete removal of all blemishes.

Window CleaningThe cleaners are able to clean windows on both sides. However, customers need to be advised that certain windows situated too high off the ground may not be subject to cleaning as doing so might present a risk of personal injury to our cleaning technicians. Apart from that the cleaners will do their best to clean every single window properly and deliver the required level of results.

Our cleaning teams will arrive at the address on time, and fully equipped for the job. All work is done using professional grade equipment – even the squeegees we use are industry certified products. This might seem unnecessary but sparkling clean windows are only achieved using the right cleaning supplies.

Window cleaning is a specific process which cannot be rushed as that would compromise the end result. In other words to yield proper results we will need a certain amount of time, so please bear with our cleaners for the time being and book your window cleaning for a suitable time and day of the week. One the same note, if windows are to be cleaned on the outside, we recommend having the service done in fair weather conditions (if circumstances allow it).

Our window cleaning is reasonably priced and delivers good value for money just like our after party cleaning. The service is available as either one off or on a fixed schedule basis. We are open for booking by both private and business customers seven days a week. Window cleaning can be bundled with over services we offer.