The non-minable cryptocurrency IOTA is used and loved by many. As we all know, non-minable cryptos can’t be earned and people can only get a hold of them by buying them. But regardless of this fact, the future has come and now you can now earn IOTA coins by simply giving information about the weather. Pretty random, right?

The IOTA team now have expanded their creative ways of work by partnering with the UK auto manufacturer Jaguar Land Rover for the development of the Jaguar I-Pace car that is charged with electricity. And let us tell you that it has already won ‘‘2019 World Car of the Year’’ title.

This project is very interesting and innovative but not many people know about it. In fact, a lot of people do not understand the concept behind it.

The whole idea of the project was to create a way to track the energy that is being used for the Jaguar l-Pace in real-time. They have teamed with IOTA and used their immutable DLT which is a system that has a tamper-proof record of all transactions. Another very important feature is that the car uses energy from renewable sources and the batteries can be charged with an electric charger. As you have probably guessed, this can be a huge benefit for the environment and reducing the pollution of big cities like London that are trying to battle the polluted air.

The Smart Wallet everyone is talking about

A huge advantage for all customers is the Smart Wallet that comes with the car. This wallet is to store IOTA coins which all users can earn by simply enabling the car to report about weather conditions, traffic, street conditions, climate, and more. Probably one of the most important thing that these cars report to city organizations is road blockages, potholes, accidents, and other situations that can be dangerous for everyone on the road.

Help reduce accidents and emissions while you are earning IOTA coins

How are you doing this? For example, imagine that there is huge traffic congestion. Your car will automatically report it to other cars and will reroute them so that they don’t have to stay in traffic. This will reduce not only the congestion but the emissions coming from the cars.

And you are earning IOTA coins by doing all of this. Customers will be able to spend them on paying parking, tolls, and charging.

Are you a user of IOTA?

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