Pret a manger is very well-known. People love their restaurants and the food that they offer. They have focused a lot on creating vegan menus. They have incorporated their love for vegan food in the brand new 15 vegan items added in their menu that are launched on the 1st of January. They include everything from Poké Bowls, Smoothie Bowls, Buddha Bowls and more.

All about their new menu items

You can now enjoy two vegan Poké Bowls with black rice, avocado, edamame beans, carrot, radish, Sashimi-Style Watermelon, pickled cabbage, tamari, ginger dressing, and sesame seeds.

A Poké Bowl that consists of marinated tofu (marinated in tamari and ginger) also has garlic, mango, pickled cabbage, and chili pickled cucumber.

Customers can also enjoy five brand new Smoothie Bowl flavors. From Cocoa, Nuts & Berries, and Tropical Green Smoothie Bowl.

The Buddha Bowl has Sweet Potatoes, Kale, and Humous.

Why did they focus on a vegan menu

The global head of food innovation of Pret – Hannah Dolan, says that they want to offer customers things that are different, creative, and haven’t been seen so far.

She also says that they wanted to create real vegan dishes and stay away from trying to recreate the taste of fish and meat.

She added that they want all of their customers to give feedback and to express what they want to see from the restaurant next.