If you want to enjoy quality Turkish cuisine and you live in Lewisham then this article is just for you! Our team loves Turkish food and we also enjoy going out to different restaurants whenever we have free time so we can find out favourite place.

Today, we decided to gather all of our favourite Turkish restaurants in Lewisham and share them with you, so that you know exactly where to go for a well-made delicious Turkish meal!

The most notable and esteemed establishments serving delectable Turkish cuisine that one must visit in Lewisham are the following four.


Levante Restaurant

We will start off with one of the best Turkish restaurants in Lewisham – Levante Restaurant! They offer amazing food that is well-made and always prepared with fresh ingredients. The chef has worked in top Turkish restaurants around Europe and he has over 15 years of experience by now which is why the Levante menu is so amazing!

They have a large menu that features traditional Turkish food as well as some unique options that you really cannot find anywhere else!

Our team highly recommends you skip on the quick lunch and go whenever you have time – for example, a nice dinner after a long day at work so you will be able to enjoy everything – from the cold and hot starters to the main meals!

We recommend you order the Sigara Boregi which is deep-fried dough stuffed with feta cheese and parsley – it’s one of our favourite starters!

They also have incredible pide (Turkish pizza) with all sorts of different toppings you can choose from.

Address: 11 Lewis Grove, London SE13 6BG


Twins Kebab

Twins Kebab is a takeaway and home delivery place that will deliver the taste of Turkey in your home!

They made sure to have a delicious option for every taste – from kebabs, kofte, to burgers and wraps!

Our team recommends Lamb and Chicken Doner (lamb, chicken, pitta bread, a choice of sauce, and a salad).

Twins Kebab also offers mixed kebab boxes that are affordable. For £24.99, you can get a “Small Family Box” that is for 2-3 people. It includes lamb shish, chicken shish, kofte kebab, lamb doner, chicken doner, rice/ chips, 2 pitta bread, salad, and 2 dips of choice!

And for dessert, they have delicious baklava!

Address: 334 Lewisham High St, London SE13 6LE


Meze Mangal Restaurant

We highly recommend visiting the Meze Mangal Restaurant because they offer that authentic Turkish flavour in all of their dishes. Also, the warm and cosy atmosphere of this place will make you feel like you are in Turkey!

When it comes to their starters, we recommend their Sarma Dolma (vine leaves stuffed with rice, nuts, herbs, and vegetables) as well as the Tarator (yoghurt mixed with chopped spinach, garlic, and carrots).

For your main course, you can’t go wrong with their Adana Kofte (grilled spicy lamb kebab grilled served with a salad) or their Pilic Sis (grilled marinated chicken on 2 skewers served with a salad).

We also recommend you leave room for their delicious desserts – the baklava is amazing. They also have an incredible “Meze Mangal” ice cream (Ferrero Rocher ice cream with chocolate sauce and a with Ferrero Rocher on top).

Address: 245 Lewisham Way, London SE4 1XF


Taksim Restaurant

If you are looking for high-quality Turkish food that is affordable and the portion sizes are big then Taksin Restaurant is your place!

From hot and cold starters to salads, main courses, delicious grills, yoghurt dishes, you can really find everything on their menu!

We recommend their Cacik Starter (yoghurt, cucumber, garlic, fresh mint, and olive oil)!

As a main dish, we usually get a Yoghurt Kebab – either the Chicken Iskender (chicken doner, diced bread, yoghurt, Anatolian sauce, butter) or the Lamb Yoghurt Shish!

Address: 7 Blackheath Hill, London SE10 8PB